IT Virtual Academy مدیریت Exchange Online توسط پاورشل (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)مدیریت-Exchange-Online-توسط-پاورشل/273 1/4/2017 8:45:18 PM If you'd like to learn how to use PowerShell to manage Office 365 users and Exchange Online services, watch the experts as they walk you through it. Although the Office 365 Portal is the primary administration tool for Exchange Online, there are a number of tasks which require PowerShell to perform. In addition, PowerShell scripts provide an easy way to automate many tasks, including creating and provisioning users. <br /><a target=_blank href=مدیریت-Exchange-Online-توسط-پاورشل/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پیشنهادات قانونی در استارت یک بیزنس جدید (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)پیشنهادات-قانونی-در-استارت-یک-بیزنس-جدید/200 1/3/2017 2:47:18 PM Stef Grobelaar will discuss the legal necessities to bear in mind when entrepreneurs wish to start their own businesses. <br /><a target=_blank href=پیشنهادات-قانونی-در-استارت-یک-بیزنس-جدید/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> طراحی و الگوهای میکروسرویس ها (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)طراحی-و-الگوهای-میکروسرویس-ها/547 1/7/2017 1:14:32 PM Are you designing microservices-based applications? Join us for a closer look at the basic patterns that are required. Take a look at some of the common concerns that arise in the building of high-scale distributed systems solutions. Learn about designing high-scale systems, design layers and tiers, explore enabling clusters, and create autonomous layers. Review some of the operational objectives that architects and developers aim to meet when building high-scale distributed systems solutions.<br /><a target=_blank href=طراحی-و-الگوهای-میکروسرویس-ها/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تنظیمات عمومی لینوکس در محیط Microsoft Azure (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)تنظیمات-عمومی-لینوکس-در-محیط-Microsoft-Azure/343 1/5/2017 12:26:49 PM If you have questions about using Linux on the Microsoft Azure platform, this detailed course has answers for you. Explore some common tasks with the experts from Linux Academy. Learn about creating a Linux virtual machine (VM) in Azure, accessing the Linux VM using remote desktop software, and running virtual hosts.<br /><a target=_blank href=تنظیمات-عمومی-لینوکس-در-محیط-Microsoft-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> سوئیت هوشمند کورتانا (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)سوئیت-هوشمند-کورتانا/535 1/7/2017 12:57:57 PM If you’d like to learn how to architect solutions in Cortana Intelligence Suite and how to build intelligence into your applications, don’t miss this workshop! Build an end-to-end solution to predict flight delays, taking into account the weather forecast, based on an in-depth scenario, in which a business travel company looks to differentiate itself and to provide added value to its corporate customers.<br /><a target=_blank href=سوئیت-هوشمند-کورتانا/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> جشنواره Best of Build مایکروسافت و تعامل آن با ویندوز 10 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)جشنواره-Best-of-Build-مایکروسافت-و-تعامل-آن-با-ویندوز-10/15 1/2/2017 1:09:38 PM ​Are you wondering about the exciting announcements at Build 2015? You're in luck! We're bringing the big news from the developer conference right to you, along with free online training.<br /><a target=_blank href=جشنواره-Best-of-Build-مایکروسافت-و-تعامل-آن-با-ویندوز-10/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> قابلیت های دیتابیس ارتجاعی در Azure SQL DB (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)قابلیت-های-دیتابیس-ارتجاعی-در-Azure-SQL-DB/545 1/7/2017 1:12:50 PM Want to build a database application in the cloud that scales seamlessly as you add more customers, users, or tenants? In this practical course, explore the different scenarios and patterns that work best for implementing the data tiers of these applications.<br /><a target=_blank href=قابلیت-های-دیتابیس-ارتجاعی-در-Azure-SQL-DB/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> به عنوان مالک یک بیزنس کوچک، چه فرآیندهای تجاری را باید طی کنید؟ (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)به-عنوان-مالک-یک-بیزنس-کوچک،-چه-فرآیندهای-تجاری-را-باید-طی-کنید؟/186 1/3/2017 2:31:11 PM Cameron Burt provides small business owners with key business operations points to consider when starting a business. He then provides entrepreneurs with advice regarding their business strategy. <br /><a target=_blank href=به-عنوان-مالک-یک-بیزنس-کوچک،-چه-فرآیندهای-تجاری-را-باید-طی-کنید؟/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ایجاد و توسعه اپلیکیشن ها با پلت فرم اپ مایکروسافت (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)ایجاد-و-توسعه-اپلیکیشن-ها-با-پلت-فرم-اپ-مایکروسافت/552 1/7/2017 1:19:52 PM There’s a never-ending stream of cloud innovation that developers must know about. At the same time, there's a lot of confusion around the many ways to build apps for the cloud. It’s not easy to put all these pieces together and to see the big picture. When do you use PaaS versus IaaS? How should you handle all the data associated with your apps? Should you consider a microservice architecture or stick with something more traditional?<br /><a target=_blank href=ایجاد-و-توسعه-اپلیکیشن-ها-با-پلت-فرم-اپ-مایکروسافت/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> همه چیز درباره مجازی سازی اپ در MDOP (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)همه-چیز-درباره-مجازی-سازی-اپ-در-MDOP/224 1/3/2017 6:02:59 PM Microsoft Application Virtualization transforms desktop applications into self-contained, centrally managed software-on-demand. It allows users to be productive anywhere with virtual applications that work as if they are locally installed, extending the benefits of virtualization to highly integrated applications. Microsoft APP-V's easy-to-use management and publishing system lets IT deploy and service applications throughout the lifecycle of the applications.<br /><a target=_blank href=همه-چیز-درباره-مجازی-سازی-اپ-در-MDOP/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دوره CCNA، روتینگ و سوئیچینگ (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)دوره-CCNA،-روتینگ-و-سوئیچینگ/668 2/27/2017 2:03:44 PM دوره CCNA ﺍﻭﻟﻴﻦ ﻭ ﺩﺭ ﻭﺍﻗﻊ ﭘﻴﺶ ﻧﻴﺎﺯ ﺳﺎﻳﺮ مدارک ﺳﻴﺴﻜﻮ ﺍﺳﺖ و ﺷﺎﻣﻞ ﺍﻃﻼﻋﺎﺕ ﭘﺎﻳﻪ ﺍﻯ ﺩﺭ ﻣﻮﺭﺩ ﺷﺒﻜﻪ های LAN، WAN ﻭ ﻧﺤﻮﻩ ﻧﺼﺐ ﻭ ﺭﺍﻩ ﺍﻧﺪﺍﺯﻯ ﺍﻳﻦ ﻧﻮﻉ ﺷﺒﻜﻪ ﻫﺎ ﺗﺎ ﺳﻄﺢ کوچک (ﺯﻳﺮ ﻳﻜﺼﺪ ﻛﺎﻣﭙﻴﻮﺗﺮ ﺩﺭ ﺷﺒﻜﻪ) ﻣﻰ ﺑﺎﺷﺪ. ﺩﺭ آموزش CCNA ﻣﻔﺎﻫﻴﻢ سوئیچینگ ﺭﻭﺗﻴﻨﮓ ﻭ ﻫﻤﭽﻨﻴﻦ ﻧﺤﻮﻩ ﻧﺼﺐ ﻭ ﺭﺍﻩ ﺍﻧﺪﺍﺯﻯ ﺳﻮﻳﻴﭻ ﻫﺎ ﻭ ﺭﻭﺗﺮﻫﺎﻯ ﺳﻴﺴﻜﻮ ﺩﺭ ﻻﻳﻪ ﻫﺎﻯ ﺩﻭﻡ ﻭ ﺳﻮﻡ ﺷﺒﻜﻪ ﻣﻮﺭﺩ ﺑﺮﺭﺳﻰ ﻗﺮﺍﺭ ﻣﻰ ﮔﻴﺮﺩ.<br /><a target=_blank href=دوره-CCNA،-روتینگ-و-سوئیچینگ/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دوره لینوکس LPIC 1 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)دوره-لینوکس-LPIC-1/664 2/18/2017 2:24:11 AM گواهینامۀ بنیاد حرفه‌ای لینوکس (به انگلیسی: Linux Professional Institute Certification) یا LPIC، یک گواهینامۀ معتبر در زمینۀ لینوکس است که توسط نماینده‌های بنیاد حرفه‌ای لینوکس (به انگلیسی: Linux Professional Institute) در سراسر جهان برگزار می‌گردد.<br /><a target=_blank href=دوره-لینوکس-LPIC-1/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> امکانات جدید ویندوز 8.1 برای متخصصان IT سازمان های کوچک (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)امکانات-جدید-ویندوز-8.1-برای-متخصصان-IT-سازمان-های-کوچک/301 1/4/2017 11:08:07 PM Microsoft released Windows 8 to bring a modern computing experience to businesses and to help professionals stay connected to their colleagues and clients from anywhere, anytime. Windows 8.1 advances this vision and introduces new manageability, mobility, security, user experience and networking capabilities–with the goal of offering customers the best business tablets and versatile modern business PCs driven by the most powerful operating system designed for today’s modern businesses. The course covers the new and updated features in Windows 8.1 with regard to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios, mobility, security, and the modern user interface.<br /><a target=_blank href=امکانات-جدید-ویندوز-8.1-برای-متخصصان-IT-سازمان-های-کوچک/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> نگرش مدرن به دیتا در اپلیکیشن ها (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)نگرش-مدرن-به-دیتا-در-اپلیکیشن-ها/554 1/7/2017 1:21:17 PM What does a modern approach to data in new apps look like? Join us to find out, and see how to transform data into intelligent actions through the use of Microsoft Azure. Learn how to combine Azure SQL Database, DocumentDB, and Azure Search to ingest store documents, social data, and structured transaction data to build applications with different data needs. Plus, explore the functional capabilities for relational, non-relational, NoSQL, real-time streaming, and search workloads.<br /><a target=_blank href=نگرش-مدرن-به-دیتا-در-اپلیکیشن-ها/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> سازمان دهی اطلاعات و سرویس ها توسط Azure Data Factory (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)سازمان-دهی-اطلاعات-و-سرویس-ها-توسط-Azure-Data-Factory/527 1/6/2017 10:54:59 PM Are you a BI or data professional, or maybe an aspiring data scientist? If you’re exploring data orchestration concepts, check out this course on the basic capabilities of Azure Data Factory (ADF), a cloud-based data integration service. Find out how it can help you with your big data and machine learning projects, get an overview of advanced analytics, and see how Azure Data Factory fits into the Cortana Analytics Suite. Plus, learn how to operate a data factory as part of an analytics solution to bring all of your data together and to scale it out.<br /><a target=_blank href=سازمان-دهی-اطلاعات-و-سرویس-ها-توسط-Azure-Data-Factory/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ساخت اپلیکیشن های Open Source بزرگ (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)ساخت-اپلیکیشن-های-Open-Source-بزرگ/141 1/3/2017 9:26:15 AM The modern way of development requires frequent changes not only to the application itself but also to your environments. And those changes demand a set of tools that make those tasks shareable, configurable, and repeatable. <br /><a target=_blank href=ساخت-اپلیکیشن-های-Open-Source-بزرگ/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> راه حل های پلت فرم دیتا در دوران دگردیسی دیجیتال (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)راه-حل-های-پلت-فرم-دیتا-در-دوران-دگردیسی-دیجیتال/492 1/6/2017 8:34:08 PM Data Platform Solutions enable data to be properly managed and transformed into relevant information. SQL Server 2016 has the mission of (Everything built-in) everything is integrated into the same solution. Power BI is a cloud based tool that provides a complete view of the business.<br /><a target=_blank href=راه-حل-های-پلت-فرم-دیتا-در-دوران-دگردیسی-دیجیتال/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پشتیبانی ادمین در آفیس 365: کیفیت جریان ایمیل ها (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)پشتیبانی-ادمین-در-آفیس-365:-کیفیت-جریان-ایمیل-ها/407 1/5/2017 6:32:14 PM ​Want to build your Exchange Online "troubleshooting toolkit"? In this installment of the Office 365 Admin Support Skills series, expand on what you learned in MVA courses Office 365 Admin Support Skills: Core Concepts and Office 365 Admin Support Skills: Service Management.<br /><a target=_blank href=پشتیبانی-ادمین-در-آفیس-365:-کیفیت-جریان-ایمیل-ها/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تنظیمات DNS برای رد و بدل کردن ایمیل در SMB (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)تنظیمات-DNS-برای-رد-و-بدل-کردن-ایمیل-در-SMB/421 1/5/2017 6:59:40 PM Want to enable DNS for ​mail flow in Office 365? Get help from the experts! For email to flow to and from a given domain, specific DNS records must exist for that domain. In this course, take a look at what those DNS records are, see how they should be configured, and examine what can sometimes go wrong, plus how to troubleshoot issues.<br /><a target=_blank href=تنظیمات-DNS-برای-رد-و-بدل-کردن-ایمیل-در-SMB/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> کار با فرم ها در Xamarin (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)کار-با-فرم-ها-در-Xamarin/125 1/3/2017 8:50:38 AM Why is Xamarin.Forms so quickly becoming the go-to solution for writing apps that run on multiple platforms? For one, Xamarin.Forms lets you build cross-platform mobile apps that run on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone with business logic written in C# and UIs built in XAML. Moreover, Xamarin.Forms apps compile into native apps that are indistinguishable from apps written in Java and Objective-C. Get the details on these reasons and more, in this Xamarin.Forms training with expert Jeff Prosise. <br /><a target=_blank href=کار-با-فرم-ها-در-Xamarin/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> فعال سازی عملیات DevOps در نسخه تیمی ویژوال استودیو (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)فعال-سازی-عملیات-DevOps-در-نسخه-تیمی-ویژوال-استودیو/448 1/5/2017 7:47:44 PM ​Want to improve the quality of your code and get it into customers' hands faster, with fewer delays and a better view of the end-to-end deployment pipeline? Watch this online technical training to learn how IT and Developer practitioners can use Visual Studio Team Services (formerly referred to as Visual Studio Online) to accelerate their DevOps journey, thanks to flexible, cross-platform capabilities and built-in tasks that integrate with and preserve existing investments.<br /><a target=_blank href=فعال-سازی-عملیات-DevOps-در-نسخه-تیمی-ویژوال-استودیو/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ایجاد میکروسرویس های کلود به صورت همیشه فعال و مقیاس پذیر (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)ایجاد-میکروسرویس-های-کلود-به-صورت-همیشه-فعال-و-مقیاس-پذیر/557 1/7/2017 1:44:51 PM Microservices is an approach to application development in which every part of the application is deployed as a fully self-contained component that can be individually scaled and updated. With a good microservice architecture, customers can solve the management, deployment, orchestration, and patching needs of a container-based service, with reduced risk of availability loss while maintaining high agility.<br /><a target=_blank href=ایجاد-میکروسرویس-های-کلود-به-صورت-همیشه-فعال-و-مقیاس-پذیر/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> عیب یابی ویندوز 8 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)عیب-یابی-ویندوز-8/316 1/4/2017 11:23:28 PM Step through a technical deep dive on Windows 8 Troubleshooting fundamentals. This course focuses on Windows 8 troubleshooting tips and tricks from Microsoft Premier Field Engineers. In this course you will learn how to troubleshoot Windows 8 scenarios effectively, examine analysis tools and best practices for using them, as well as other field practices from Microsoft support team.<br /><a target=_blank href=عیب-یابی-ویندوز-8/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> کار با تکنولوژی های تحت وب (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)کار-با-تکنولوژی-های-تحت-وب/68 1/2/2017 6:24:03 PM If you're interested in being a Web Developer but you’re not sure where to start, we have just the course for you. In today’s fast-changing world of technology, navigating the languages, frameworks, platforms, and even the vocabulary can seem confusing. Clear up the confusion with popular experts Michael Choi of Coding Dojo and Christopher Harrison of Microsoft, as they walk you through the basic concepts of web development. <br /><a target=_blank href=کار-با-تکنولوژی-های-تحت-وب/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ساخت بازی در ویندوز 10 توسط Unity 5 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)ساخت-بازی-در-ویندوز-10-توسط-Unity-5/13 1/2/2017 1:07:18 PM Are you looking to build 3D games with Unity 5 for the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (UWP)? Popular presenter and author Adam Tuliper returns with an expert team to help you do just that! Add to your Unity skills as you explore Unity 5, the latest powerful Unity game engine, which adds hundreds of new features on top of its prior version. Take a quick tour of the architecture, see how to get the controls up and running, and explore audio mixing, along with lighting and illumination features. Get tips and information on building Windows 10 games that look great in 3D and have powerful features: write a game design document, prototype it out in Unity, and write the C# code (including AI). Plus, discover camera modes and effects, as you learn to build for the Windows 10 UWP. Don't miss this fun-filled 3D day! <br /><a target=_blank href=ساخت-بازی-در-ویندوز-10-توسط-Unity-5/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مانیتورینگ عملکرد اپلیکیشن ها (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)مانیتورینگ-عملکرد-اپلیکیشن-ها/445 1/5/2017 7:45:11 PM Would you like an overview of the application performance monitoring (APM) solutions Microsoft has to offer for Operations and Development teams? Look no further. APM solutions offer your teams true insight into their applications.<br /><a target=_blank href=مانیتورینگ-عملکرد-اپلیکیشن-ها/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تسلط بر Node.js : دوره پیشرفته (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)تسلط-بر-Node.js-:-دوره-پیشرفته/62 1/2/2017 6:15:17 PM Looking for the next step in Node.js? Build on what you learned in the first course in our seven-part series on mastering Node.js, and take a look at modules, with expert Eric Greene. <br /><a target=_blank href=تسلط-بر-Node.js-:-دوره-پیشرفته/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ارسال اپ آفیس 365 در Office Store (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)ارسال-اپ-آفیس-365-در-Office-Store/576 1/7/2017 2:07:11 PM If you'd like to explore how, as a Developer, you can ship apps to the Office Store and target the large Office 365 user base, take this course!<br /><a target=_blank href=ارسال-اپ-آفیس-365-در-Office-Store/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> Dev/Test در رایانش ابری (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)در-رایانش-ابری/36 1/2/2017 3:57:40 PM Are you a developer who needs to deliver faster and better applications? Moving your development and testing environments to the cloud can help you achieve exactly that! Learn how to get it done, and find out the benefits of making the move. Plus, see demonstrations and presentations that show you how Microsoft Azure can support your development and testing needs. <br /><a target=_blank href=در-رایانش-ابری/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مفاهیم زیرساختی مدیریت ویندوز سرور (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)مفاهیم-زیرساختی-مدیریت-ویندوز-سرور/455 1/5/2017 8:25:18 PM Are you preparing for Exam 98-365: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals and Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification? This MTA Training course can help!<br /><a target=_blank href=مفاهیم-زیرساختی-مدیریت-ویندوز-سرور/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> نکات پیشتیبانی Project Online پیشرفته (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)نکات-پیشتیبانی-Project-Online-پیشرفته/417 1/5/2017 6:56:59 PM Office 365 Support Corner is an ongoing series of on-demand courses that cover leading Office 365 support issues. ​​If you have a new Project Online tenant, this is your opportunity to learn more about its capabilities and what you need to configure to deliver business value for your users. In this session, walk through the Project Management Office (PMO) level configuration necessary to support your business needs.<br /><a target=_blank href=نکات-پیشتیبانی-Project-Online-پیشرفته/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> چگونه با TouchDevelop کد نویسی کنیم؟ (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)چگونه-با-TouchDevelop-کد-نویسی-کنیم؟/639 1/7/2017 7:35:48 PM Oh no! This video game is broken! We need your help to get it working! Join Microsoft in completing your Hour of CodeTM, and fix our game.<br /><a target=_blank href=چگونه-با-TouchDevelop-کد-نویسی-کنیم؟/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پیاده سازی آنالیز اطلاعات در کلان داده ها (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)پیاده-سازی-آنالیز-اطلاعات-در-کلان-داده-ها/516 1/6/2017 10:29:12 PM Working with big data? Need to make more sense of it, for your own information and for others in your organization? Watch this Jump Start to learn big data analysis and how to use Windows Azure HDInsight to process it. In addition, find out how to generate results for better big data analysis and reporting by using Microsoft data tools, including Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and Office. Instructor | Graeme Malcolm - Content Master Data Technology Specialist, Microsoft; Pete Harris - Microsoft Learning Product Planner<br /><a target=_blank href=پیاده-سازی-آنالیز-اطلاعات-در-کلان-داده-ها/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پیاده سازی ارتباطات دو طرفه با SignalR (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)پیاده-سازی-ارتباطات-دو-طرفه-با-SignalR/90 1/2/2017 6:50:37 PM Web Devs, are you curious about ASP.NET SignalR and its appeal throughout the dev community? You have probably heard how it makes developing real-time web functionality easy and how it enables bi-directional communication between server and client. You can use it for games, inventory apps, e-commerce, and much more. There are many reasons it is the #1 most-watched .NET GitHub project, and it grows in popularity every day!<br /><a target=_blank href=پیاده-سازی-ارتباطات-دو-طرفه-با-SignalR/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مجازی سازی لینوکس در ویندوز سرور 2012 R2 (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)مجازی-سازی-لینوکس-در-ویندوز-سرور-2012-R2/452 1/5/2017 8:23:29 PM Want to virtualize Linux workloads in Windows Server 2012 R2? These days, it seems like datacenters are a mix of technologies. They have evolved, with new technologies and standards cropping up all the time (OSS and proprietary alike). Although this isn't a bad thing, it's definitely a challenge.<br /><a target=_blank href=مجازی-سازی-لینوکس-در-ویندوز-سرور-2012-R2/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پیاده سازی و توسعه وب اپلیکیشن ها در سرویس اپ Azure (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)پیاده-سازی-و-توسعه-وب-اپلیکیشن-ها-در-سرویس-اپ-Azure/34 1/2/2017 3:55:42 PM If you’re curious about how to get started deploying your site to Microsoft Azure App Service, this course can help. Explore the benefits of hosting applications in App Service, including automatic scaling, continuous deployment, and integration with GitHub. Whether you're creating a brand new ASP.NET project or migrating an existing Node.js website, App Service can host your application. <br /><a target=_blank href=پیاده-سازی-و-توسعه-وب-اپلیکیشن-ها-در-سرویس-اپ-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> کار حرفه ای با اندروید و iOS در محیط Enterprise Mobility Suite (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)کار-حرفه-ای-با-اندروید-و-iOS-در-محیط-Enterprise-Mobility-Suite/290 1/4/2017 9:33:55 PM If you're struggling to implement or work within an enterprise "bring your own device" (BYOD) policy, you've probably wondered how to make it easier for you and your team. The volume and diversity of devices that need access to corporate assets grows by the day. Enabling these devices can make your users more productive, but you need to ensure that corporate assets being accessed and the data being stored are secure.<br /><a target=_blank href=کار-حرفه-ای-با-اندروید-و-iOS-در-محیط-Enterprise-Mobility-Suite/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ویندوز سرور و کار با کلود (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)ویندوز-سرور-و-کار-با-کلود/463 1/5/2017 8:37:04 PM ​In this course we will review details around Microsoft Volume Licensing’s Enterprise Agreement and the new Server and Cloud Enrollment (SCE) which provides benefits for highly committed customers who standardize broadly on one or more key Server and Cloud technologies from Microsoft. The SCE provides customers with a range of benefits, including new cloud-optimized licensing, simplified license management and the best pricing and terms. We will look at program details and customer implications since the SCE replaces the Enrollment for Core Infrastructure (ECI) and the Enrollment for Application Platform (EAP).<br /><a target=_blank href=ویندوز-سرور-و-کار-با-کلود/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> امکانات Azure برای متخصصان IT، سری محتوا: ماشین های مجازی (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)امکانات-Azure-برای-متخصصان-IT،-سری-محتوا:-ماشین-های-مجازی/327 1/5/2017 11:52:19 AM Want to know more about Microsoft Azure? Join MVP Corey Hynes as he explores Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines, in this installment in a series of courses designed to teach you all about Azure.<br /><a target=_blank href=امکانات-Azure-برای-متخصصان-IT،-سری-محتوا:-ماشین-های-مجازی/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پیاده سازی پیشرفته ویندوز 10 به همراه API آفیس 365 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)پیاده-سازی-پیشرفته-ویندوز-10-به-همراه-API--آفیس-365/11 1/2/2017 12:59:58 PM That Start menu is back, and you can pin your own custom Windows 10 applications to it! In this session, explore the new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and see how to build Office 365 connected applications that work across PCs, tablets, and phones. <br /><a target=_blank href=پیاده-سازی-پیشرفته-ویندوز-10-به-همراه-API--آفیس-365/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> سری آموزشی توسعه بازی ها، مبحث: GameMaker (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)سری-آموزشی-توسعه-بازی-ها،-مبحث:--GameMaker/18 1/2/2017 1:13:14 PM Did you know that you don't need to be a programmer or an artist to create a cool 2D game? If you can drag and drop, you can use GameMaker from YoYo Games to build a game and then export it to mobile platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android, Kindle and more. Get the details from industry experts who created Dave in the Cave and worked on World of Warcraft.<br /><a target=_blank href=سری-آموزشی-توسعه-بازی-ها،-مبحث:--GameMaker/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> نکات مهم مارکتینگ در مرحله رشد و شتاب بیزنس های کوچک و متوسط (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)نکات-مهم-مارکتینگ-در-مرحله-رشد-و-شتاب-بیزنس-های-کوچک-و-متوسط/201 1/3/2017 2:48:08 PM The seminar will provide small and medium business with GTM advice when in the growth and acceleration phases. <br /><a target=_blank href=نکات-مهم-مارکتینگ-در-مرحله-رشد-و-شتاب-بیزنس-های-کوچک-و-متوسط/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> اتومات سازی محیط کلود توسط Azure Automation (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)اتومات-سازی-محیط-کلود-توسط-Azure-Automation/381 1/5/2017 5:18:30 PM Check out this course to explore the process of automating the cloud with Azure Automation. Find out how to get started and how to connect to Microsoft Azure. Learn how to import and publish a Connect-Azure runbook, and create and publish your first runbook. Finally, invoke Azure Automation runbooks, and discover next steps.<br /><a target=_blank href=اتومات-سازی-محیط-کلود-توسط-Azure-Automation/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آموزش کاربردی و حرفه ای Nano Server (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)آموزش-کاربردی-و-حرفه-ای-Nano-Server/449 1/5/2017 8:21:31 PM ​Are you spending valuable time patching, updating, and rebooting systems? Bulky server image files demand even more time to install and configure, consuming significant bandwidth, devouring storage space, limiting density, and driving up TCO. Nano Server, available in Windows Server 2016 Preview as part of the software-defined datacenter (SDDC), can help! Learn how to use it, in this technical training.<br /><a target=_blank href=آموزش-کاربردی-و-حرفه-ای-Nano-Server/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آموزش کاربردی Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)آموزش-کاربردی-Microsoft-Dynamics-CRM-2013/518 1/6/2017 10:30:09 PM If you'd like to learn Microsoft Dynamics CRM from the ground up, this on-demand course is for you. Find out what you need to know about navigation, accounts, contacts, activities, the sales and marketing process, data imports and exports, and using Yammer. It also covers how to create a basic chart or dashboard that can be used to analyze data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.<br /><a target=_blank href=آموزش-کاربردی-Microsoft-Dynamics-CRM-2013/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مفاهیم اصلی ویندوز 10 در تجارت (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)مفاهیم-اصلی-ویندوز-10-در-تجارت/166 1/3/2017 1:20:17 PM This course will include multiple modules & videos about Windows 10 functionalities for business and advise customers & partners how to get to Windows 10 for their businesses through different licensing options. <br /><a target=_blank href=مفاهیم-اصلی-ویندوز-10-در-تجارت/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ذخیره، همسان سازی و به اشتراک گذاری فایل های شخصی در OneDrive (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)ذخیره،-همسان-سازی-و-به-اشتراک-گذاری-فایل-های-شخصی-در-OneDrive/621 1/7/2017 4:26:26 PM Want to explore the fundamental capabilities of OneDrive? Get started using the service quickly, with these videos. Look at the basic concepts of cloud computing, and learn to store and manage your files in OneDrive. Check out this series of videos, and get practical tips on using OneDrive.<br /><a target=_blank href=ذخیره،-همسان-سازی-و-به-اشتراک-گذاری-فایل-های-شخصی-در-OneDrive/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> درک سریع تر اطلاعات توسط Power BI (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)درک-سریع-تر-اطلاعات-توسط-Power-BI/520 1/6/2017 10:31:26 PM Are you a power Excel user? If you're trying to make sense of ever-growing piles of data, and you're into data discovery, visualization, and collaboration, get ready for Power BI. Excel, always great for data analysis, is now even more powerful with Power BI business intelligence tools for Office 365. Watch this Jump Start, and learn about the tools you need to provide faster data insights to your organization, including Power Query, Power Map, and natural language querying. These demo-rich sessions provide a full-day drilldown into Power BI features and capabilities, led by the team of Microsoft experts who own them.<br /><a target=_blank href=درک-سریع-تر-اطلاعات-توسط-Power-BI/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مدیریت IT در محیط هیبرید: بخش 1، برنامه ریزی، درون بینی و ارزیابی امنیتی (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)مدیریت-IT-در-محیط-هیبرید:-بخش-1،-برنامه-ریزی،-درون-بینی-و-ارزیابی-امنیتی/349 1/5/2017 2:47:02 PM Are you looking to gain deep insights and visibility into your infrastructure? Learn how to make the most of powerful, robust security and threat analytics capabilities to help protect your IT environment, as you modernize your datacenter, in this first in a multi-part series on hybrid IT management.<br /><a target=_blank href=مدیریت-IT-در-محیط-هیبرید:-بخش-1،-برنامه-ریزی،-درون-بینی-و-ارزیابی-امنیتی/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مفاهیم زیرساختی آفیس 365 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)مفاهیم-زیرساختی-آفیس-365/436 1/5/2017 7:17:23 PM Office 365 Fundamentals examines the building blocks of Office 365 and the evolving role of IT Professionals. Microsoft Office 365 is a combination of the cloud services and the latest productivity applications. The course starts with examining the Office 365 architecture from the prospective of the IT Professional, then takes the student through deploying Office 365 and finishes with rolling out changes to applications and services.<br /><a target=_blank href=مفاهیم-زیرساختی-آفیس-365/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> طراحی واسط کاربری واکنش گرا (Responsive UI) توسط Bootstrap (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)طراحی-واسط-کاربری-واکنش-گرا-(Responsive-UI)--توسط-Bootstrap/91 1/2/2017 6:51:30 PM Devs, are you looking to easily create webpages that work cross-platform and that scale well to different screen sizes? Join us to explore Bootstrap, the popular framework that makes it easy for all skill levels to create rich UIs for users, regardless of device.<br /><a target=_blank href=طراحی-واسط-کاربری-واکنش-گرا-(Responsive-UI)--توسط-Bootstrap/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> شکل گیری دیتاسنتر توسط ویندوز سرور، Azure، SQL و سیستم سنتر (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)شکل-گیری-دیتاسنتر-توسط-ویندوز-سرور،-Azure،-SQL-و-سیستم-سنتر/230 1/3/2017 6:48:17 PM Discover how the Microsoft Cloud Platform and System Center 2012 can positively benefit the way your organization functions. Apply the modern tenets of transforming the datacenter, and find out how they can benefit enterprise IT. <br /><a target=_blank href=شکل-گیری-دیتاسنتر-توسط-ویندوز-سرور،-Azure،-SQL-و-سیستم-سنتر/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تحویل اطلاعات حساس با دسترسی همیشگی و امنیت بالا در SQL Server (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)تحویل-اطلاعات-حساس-با-دسترسی-همیشگی-و-امنیت-بالا-در-SQL-Server/99 1/2/2017 7:13:02 PM Curious about next-generation SQL Server? In this course, find out everything you want to know, including mission-critical performance and scale for transactional, data warehouse, and mixed workloads, along with structured and unstructured data. In addition, explore security innovations, availability and reliability improvements, advanced analytics, business intelligence, and world-class scale, both on-premises and in the cloud. <br /><a target=_blank href=تحویل-اطلاعات-حساس-با-دسترسی-همیشگی-و-امنیت-بالا-در-SQL-Server/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> سرویس ریموت دسک تاپ در محیط Azure (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)سرویس-ریموت-دسک-تاپ-در-محیط-Azure/295 1/4/2017 9:41:41 PM If you'd like to learn to create highly secure, scalable, and reliable desktop hosting solutions for small- and medium-sized organizations with up to 1,500 users, check out this course. Find out how to use Remote Desktop Services and Microsoft Azure virtual machines to create multitenant, hosted Windows desktop and application services, also known as desktop hosting.<br /><a target=_blank href=سرویس-ریموت-دسک-تاپ-در-محیط-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مجازی سازی و مدیریت Exchange در پلت فرم کلود مایکروسافت (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)مجازی-سازی-و-مدیریت-Exchange-در-پلت-فرم-کلود-مایکروسافت/222 1/3/2017 6:01:18 PM You need to deliver a consistent and great user experience from anywhere, no matter the device. And you need to transform IT to deliver the business services that enable value. To help you meet these goals, Microsoft offers the Cloud OS, a unified platform built for modern business that allows you to manage Exchange in real time.<br /><a target=_blank href=مجازی-سازی-و-مدیریت-Exchange-در-پلت-فرم-کلود-مایکروسافت/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تنظیم دستگاه های موبایل در آفیس 365 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)تنظیم-دستگاه-های-موبایل-در-آفیس-365/424 1/5/2017 7:02:36 PM Want to see how configuring mobile devices for Office 365 extends your Office experience and helps you to stay productive? Watch this demonstration, led by experts Sonja Madsen and Rob Latino, and learn to set up mobile devices for Office 365. Plus, find out how to maintain administrative features.<br /><a target=_blank href=تنظیم-دستگاه-های-موبایل-در-آفیس-365/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آموزش کاربردی ماژول ها و پکیج های Node.js در کدنویسی ویژوال استودیو (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)آموزش-کاربردی-ماژول-ها-و-پکیج-های-Node.js-در-کدنویسی-ویژوال-استودیو/75 1/2/2017 6:30:41 PM Why choose Node.js for your next project? There are tons of reasons to use this server-side application framework, and two of the biggest are packages and modules, key parts of the Node.js foundation. The Node.js online repository, npm, contains just about any code your project might need, and it's easy to plug in that code and to keep it up-to-date. Plus, you can start giving back to the vibrant node ecosystem by sharing the clever things you have built. <br /><a target=_blank href=آموزش-کاربردی-ماژول-ها-و-پکیج-های-Node.js-در-کدنویسی-ویژوال-استودیو/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> طراحی Web API (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)طراحی-Web-API/80 1/2/2017 6:36:04 PM Have questions about ASP.NET Web API? Whether you're brand new to the framework or you want to take your design to the next level, this course has the answers! Experts Christopher Harrison and Jeremy Likness walk you through Web API technology, uses, and nuances. See how the toolset makes it easy to build consumable RESTful services, accessible by a variety of clients from myriad platforms.<br /><a target=_blank href=طراحی-Web-API/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ویندوز 10 و آفیس 2016 در دسک تاپ کلود (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)ویندوز-10-و-آفیس-2016-در-دسک-تاپ-کلود/195 1/3/2017 2:40:08 PM It’s time to upgrade your desktop experience. But how? In this session, explore the options and recommendations for deploying the latest Windows and Office desktop experience, and hear suggestions on how you can help minimize user issues. If you are wondering about reimaging, in-place upgrades, MSI, Click-to-Run, Current Branch, Current Branch for Business, and Long-Term Servicing Branches, this session is for you! <br /><a target=_blank href=ویندوز-10-و-آفیس-2016-در-دسک-تاپ-کلود/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> سرعت بخشیدن به راه اندازی کلود توسط Integrated Identity (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)سرعت-بخشیدن-به-راه-اندازی-کلود-توسط-Integrated-Identity/351 1/5/2017 2:49:24 PM Wondering how cloud identities can help you run your business better? Watch this session, and find out. See how to get identities to the cloud and how to mix on-premises and cloud identity for improved PC, mobile, and web productivity. Learn how to unify identities across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud for better single sign-on. Don't miss it!<br /><a target=_blank href=سرعت-بخشیدن-به-راه-اندازی-کلود-توسط-Integrated-Identity/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> Django در محیط واقعی (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)در-محیط-واقعی/73 1/2/2017 6:28:45 PM When creating a web app, there are so many questions to consider. How are you going to manage security? What about encryption? Authentication? Authorization? Administration? Implementing the various aspects of a real-world application can be challenging. Fortunately, Django makes it much easier! This back-end web development framework allows you to focus on what your application needs to do rather than on how everything is going to work behind the scenes. <br /><a target=_blank href=در-محیط-واقعی/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> لایسنس ها در کلود اختصاصی مایکروسافت (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)لایسنس-ها-در-کلود-اختصاصی-مایکروسافت/464 1/5/2017 8:37:41 PM In this course, we will look at the details and the value of a private cloud and we’ll look at the specifics of Microsoft’s private cloud solutions which are built using Windows Server with Hyper-V and System Center – the combination of which provides enterprise class virtualization, end-to-end service management and deep insight into applications so customers can focus more attention on delivering business value.<br /><a target=_blank href=لایسنس-ها-در-کلود-اختصاصی-مایکروسافت/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دوره کاربردی OneDrive برای محصولات تجاری (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)دوره-کاربردی-OneDrive-برای-محصولات-تجاری/401 1/5/2017 6:22:00 PM Interested in the latest key innovations in OneDrive for Business, along with a detailed strategy update and roadmap? Don't miss this session. Walk through an overview of the new features delivered in the OneDrive for Business product experience, along with IT and developer tools, with lots of helpful demos. End the session with a clear view of the value that OneDrive for Business can offer your organization and a look at upcoming innovation.<br /><a target=_blank href=دوره-کاربردی-OneDrive-برای-محصولات-تجاری/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مدیریت Exchange 2013 با استفاده از EAC، پاورشل و RBAC (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)مدیریت-Exchange-2013-با-استفاده-از-EAC،-پاورشل-و-RBAC/271 1/4/2017 8:43:38 PM Have you been avoiding Role Based Administration and Control (RBAC)? Or do you think that RBAC only happens to the cool kids? Join Exchange experts Andi Conrad and Martin Coetzer for a detailed rundown of RBAC in Exchange Server 2013. <br /><a target=_blank href=مدیریت-Exchange-2013-با-استفاده-از-EAC،-پاورشل-و-RBAC/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> بیزنس خود را در 90 روز راه اندازی کنید! (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)بیزنس-خود-را-در-90-روز-راه-اندازی-کنید!/502 1/6/2017 10:19:05 PM Catherine and Melanie share personal experiences and give advice about what to expect in the first 90 days of starting your business.<br /><a target=_blank href=بیزنس-خود-را-در-90-روز-راه-اندازی-کنید!/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آموزش کاربردی Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)آموزش-کاربردی-Microsoft-Dynamics-NAV-2013-R2/517 1/6/2017 10:29:43 PM If you'd like to learn the basic concepts of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, this on-demand course is for you. Find out what you need to know about the basic concepts of enterprise resource planning (ERP), how to personalize the user interface, and how to navigate in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2. This session also covers the use of basic functionalities, such as filtering, searching, entering data, and other typical user tasks in common application areas, like Finance, Inventory, Purchases, and Sales. The course highlights the most important technology concepts of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2, and it concludes with an overview of all the application areas in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2.<br /><a target=_blank href=آموزش-کاربردی-Microsoft-Dynamics-NAV-2013-R2/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> توسعه بازی توسط HTML5 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)توسعه-بازی-توسط-HTML5/52 1/2/2017 4:50:28 PM Do you want to build up your game portfolio with help from the experts? Watch this course, led by AAA game maker Bryan Griffiths and indie game designer Mickey MacDonald as they walk through step-by-step demos, pro tips, best practices, and design strategies. See how easy it is to create universal HTML5 2D games and port them to multiple platforms, using Visual Studio and free open source technology.<br /><a target=_blank href=توسعه-بازی-توسط-HTML5/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پیاده سازی یک PKI ساده در ویندوز سرور 2012 R2 (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)پیاده-سازی-یک-PKI-ساده-در-ویندوز-سرور-2012-R2/457 1/5/2017 8:26:37 PM Do you know how to implement a public key infrastructure (PKI)? If not, this is your chance! A PKI is a set of hardware, software, people, policies, and procedures needed to create, manage, distribute, use, store, and revoke digital certificates. In this course, see demonstrations and walk-throughs of the requirements to deploy a PKI, hear how to install the required components, and explore management of the certificate environment.<br /><a target=_blank href=پیاده-سازی-یک-PKI-ساده-در-ویندوز-سرور-2012-R2/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> طراحی اپلیکیشن های Xbox One (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)طراحی-اپلیکیشن-های-Xbox-One/100 1/2/2017 7:27:01 PM If you’d like to learn everything you need to get started developing applications for the Xbox One, don’t miss this course. Join experts Daren May and Jerry Nixon for an in-depth look, beginning with how to configure your development environment on the PC and on the Xbox One. Learn how to optimize the visual appearance of your apps for the Xbox, and take a look at UI control behaviors and property settings. <br /><a target=_blank href=طراحی-اپلیکیشن-های-Xbox-One/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> محافظت از Endpoint ها در Configuration Manager 2012 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)محافظت-از-Endpoint-ها-در-Configuration-Manager-2012/255 1/4/2017 8:20:20 PM If you would like an overview of Endpoint Protection in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (SCCM), this is your course. Microsoft IT Pro Evangelist Morgan Webb takes you through planning, configuration, and operations of Endpoint Protection. Plus, learn about prerequisites, hear best practices, and explore deployment maintenance.<br /><a target=_blank href=محافظت-از-Endpoint-ها-در-Configuration-Manager-2012/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> همه چیز درباره OneNote (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)همه-چیز-درباره-OneNote/601 1/7/2017 4:04:03 PM Educators using OneNote, fine-tune your skills! Watch these easy-to-follow demonstrations, and learn to prepare and record meeting notes, gather materials for lesson plans, track and update to-do lists, and keep student notes in one place.<br /><a target=_blank href=همه-چیز-درباره-OneNote/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> نکات پشتیبانی از Project Online (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)نکات-پشتیبانی-از-Project-Online/416 1/5/2017 6:56:17 PM Office 365 Support Corner is an ongoing series of on-demand courses that cover leading Office 365 support issues. ​Check out this course on Project Online, the newest member of the Project family. Find out what this subscription service is and what it isn't, and learn what you need to know to get up and running with Project Online smoothly and quickly.<br /><a target=_blank href=نکات-پشتیبانی-از-Project-Online/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> بازدهی موثر در بازارهای جهانی (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)بازدهی-موثر-در-بازارهای-جهانی/506 1/6/2017 10:22:35 PM Does your company import or export goods? If it does, you understand that there are inherent regulations and complexities involved which can be both tedious and time consuming.<br /><a target=_blank href=بازدهی-موثر-در-بازارهای-جهانی/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> اتومات سازی پلت فرم کلود: DDI/IPAM (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)اتومات-سازی-پلت-فرم-کلود:-DDI-IPAM/225 1/3/2017 6:03:34 PM This course walks you through the features of IPAM in Windows Server 2012 R2. Learn what you need for IPAM solutions in today's data center scenario.<br /><a target=_blank href=اتومات-سازی-پلت-فرم-کلود:-DDI-IPAM/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ارتقاء به SQL Server 2014 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)ارتقاء-به-SQL-Server-2014/490 1/6/2017 8:28:18 PM Considering a SQL Server upgrade, but need some help? You know that an upgrade is more than just moving a database or installing a new version of SQL Server. Rigorous planning is required for a successful project.<br /><a target=_blank href=ارتقاء-به-SQL-Server-2014/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تکنیک های سرویس دهی مداوم: VS ALM DevOps (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)تکنیک-های-سرویس-دهی-مداوم:-VS-ALM-DevOps/147 1/3/2017 9:44:33 AM ​Does your organization release software manually, with time-consuming outages and difficult processes? Do you lack project-to-project standards, or do you have different processes for different environments? These challenges in releasing software can threaten the bottom line. Continuous delivery is quickly becoming the standard to resolve these issues. But how do you implement that standard?<br /><a target=_blank href=تکنیک-های-سرویس-دهی-مداوم:-VS-ALM-DevOps/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> اپلیکیشن ها در Azure: قرار دادن همه آیتم ها در کنار هم (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)اپلیکیشن-ها-در-Azure:-قرار-دادن-همه-آیتم-ها-در-کنار-هم/137 1/3/2017 9:12:57 AM Building in the cloud requires a different approach from traditional application development but also comes with the benefit of many tested, scalable solutions ready for you to take advantage of. In this course, join the experts as they walk through building an application while exploring the parts of Microsoft Azure that make it easier to build great apps. <br /><a target=_blank href=اپلیکیشن-ها-در-Azure:-قرار-دادن-همه-آیتم-ها-در-کنار-هم/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> جاوا اسکریپت برای برنامه نویسان با تجربه (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)جاوا-اسکریپت-برای-برنامه-نویسان-با-تجربه/69 1/2/2017 6:24:50 PM Are you a C#, C++, or Java Developer interested in adding JavaScript to your toolbox? You may have noticed that JavaScript can be just different enough to be confusing! Wonder how to create an object, classes, or inheritance? Or want advanced topics, like how to manage asynchronous operations? <br /><a target=_blank href=جاوا-اسکریپت-برای-برنامه-نویسان-با-تجربه/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مزایای ویندوز 10 برای متخصصان IT (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)مزایای-ویندوز-10-برای-متخصصان-IT/176 1/3/2017 1:38:49 PM Lets talk about how IT professionals can gain value from using Windows 10. <br /><a target=_blank href=مزایای-ویندوز-10-برای-متخصصان-IT/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> نکات مهم Microsoft Intune (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)نکات-مهم-Microsoft-Intune/283 1/4/2017 9:27:35 PM Doesn't it seem like there's a shiny new mobile device released every other day? And another story about someone losing one of those devices (along with 100,000 customer records)? We look at the latest mobility features in Microsoft Intune, a born-in-the-cloud device management solution, including how you can integrate with the existing market leader in endpoint management, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), and manage mobile devices with Office 365.<br /><a target=_blank href=نکات-مهم-Microsoft-Intune/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> معماری در عمل (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)معماری-در-عمل/635 1/7/2017 7:08:51 PM Enterprise architects, solution architects, and business analysts can all benefit from this training, which shows how the Microsoft platform supports the transformation that many organizations seek. Aligned with industry best practices and proven approaches for architecture, this on-demand course gives a capability-based overview to show how organizations can modernize their applications, transform their data centers, and enable people-centric IT.<br /><a target=_blank href=معماری-در-عمل/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> رمز نگاری پیشرفته اطلاعات در ویندوز (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)رمز-نگاری-پیشرفته-اطلاعات-در-ویندوز/313 1/4/2017 11:19:39 PM Microsoft Premier Field Engineers step through a technical deep dive on Windows 8 Enhanced Data Encryption. This course focuses on Windows 8 and the new and improved data protection capabilities and addresses key insights, capabilities, and best practices for securing data on Windows 8 clients. In this course you will learn about BitLocker, BitLockerToGo, Encrypted File System, and troubleshooting best practices from the field.<br /><a target=_blank href=رمز-نگاری-پیشرفته-اطلاعات-در-ویندوز/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> استراتژی حفاظت از اطلاعات مایکروسافت توسط EMS، آفیس 365 و ویندوز (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)استراتژی-حفاظت-از-اطلاعات-مایکروسافت-توسط-EMS،-آفیس-365-و-ویندوز/400 1/5/2017 6:19:43 PM<br /><a target=_blank href=استراتژی-حفاظت-از-اطلاعات-مایکروسافت-توسط-EMS،-آفیس-365-و-ویندوز/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مدیریت مالی در Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)مدیریت-مالی-در-Microsoft-Dynamics-SL-2015/513 1/6/2017 10:27:13 PM This course introduces key functionality in the financial modules, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Cash Manager for Microsoft Dynamics SL. Jeff Suwyn, Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft Dynamics SL, presents information on the financial modules, and shares his insight on the key features and functionality available in these modules. Jeff has more than 18 years of experience with the product, and was previously involved as a product consultant and has done custom development work for Microsoft Dynamics SL.<br /><a target=_blank href=مدیریت-مالی-در-Microsoft-Dynamics-SL-2015/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> امنیت با کسپرسکی 2017 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)امنیت-با-کسپرسکی-2017/670 3/1/2017 12:04:42 PM کسپرسکی یک مجموعه نرم‌افزاری امنیت اینترنت است. این نرم‌افزار روی سیستم‌عامل ویندوز اجرا می‌شود و قابلیت شناسایی و از بین بردن بدافزارها و همچنین مقابله با هرزنامه‌های ایمیلی، حملات فیشینگ و سرقت اطلاعات را دارد.<br /><a target=_blank href=امنیت-با-کسپرسکی-2017/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> معرفی ابزارهای جدید Azure در Visual Studio 2015 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)معرفی-ابزارهای-جدید-Azure-در-Visual-Studio-2015/138 1/3/2017 9:14:11 AM Wondering about the available options for doing Microsoft Azure development? Be sure to check out this course. Get a look at Visual Studio 2015, along with App Services, Connected Services, and PowerShell editing. Plus, examine the Azure SDK and the new tooling around Docker. <br /><a target=_blank href=معرفی-ابزارهای-جدید-Azure-در-Visual-Studio-2015/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ایجاد اپلیکیشن های میکروسرویس در Azure Service Fabric (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)ایجاد-اپلیکیشن-های-میکروسرویس-در-Azure-Service-Fabric/28 1/2/2017 3:40:47 PM Want to work with a distributed systems platform to build scalable, reliable, and easily managed applications for the cloud? Take this on-demand Azure Service Fabric course, and explore the free Windows component that works with any cloud, including Azure, Amazon, on-premises, and more. <br /><a target=_blank href=ایجاد-اپلیکیشن-های-میکروسرویس-در-Azure-Service-Fabric/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> الگوهای Service Fabric و تمرینات آن (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)الگوهای-Service-Fabric-و-تمرینات-آن/1 1/2/2017 12:41:45 PM If you’re looking at building large-scale microservices using Azure Service Fabric, learn from the experts who designed and built this platform as a service (PaaS). Get started with proper architecture, and then learn how to optimize resources for your application. The course is built around the answers to the questions most often asked by real-world customers about Azure Service Fabric scenarios and application areas. <br /><a target=_blank href=الگوهای-Service-Fabric-و-تمرینات-آن/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دوره کاربردی PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)دوره-کاربردی-PowerShell-Desired-State-Configuration-(DSC)/268 1/4/2017 8:40:10 PM Are you keeping up with PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC)? It's one of the fastest-moving technologies today. But more than that, it literally transforms how IT Implementers deploy and manage on-premises resources and those extended to hybrid and other cloud environments for both Windows and Linux. Get a solid foundation with this course, and build on it with "Advanced PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) and Custom Resources."<br /><a target=_blank href=دوره-کاربردی-PowerShell-Desired-State-Configuration-(DSC)/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ایجاد یک کلود اختصاصی توسط ویندوز سرور و سیستم سنتر (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)ایجاد-یک-کلود-اختصاصی-توسط-ویندوز-سرور-و-سیستم-سنتر/475 1/5/2017 8:45:12 PM View the first of two Jump Starts in a series covering the end-to-end process of implementing a MS cloud solution, providing a deep dive into key topics associated with implementing a Microsoft hybrid cloud solution. This Jump Start uses a scenario-based, bottom up approach to helping you learn to build a private cloud on Windows Server 2012 and incorporating the full spectrum of System Center 2012 SP1 components.<br /><a target=_blank href=ایجاد-یک-کلود-اختصاصی-توسط-ویندوز-سرور-و-سیستم-سنتر/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مفاهیم پیشرفته دات نت (طراحی و برنامه نویسی وب : حرفه ای)مفاهیم-پیشرفته-دات-نت/124 1/3/2017 8:49:38 AM Exploring .NET threading? Get started with this thread fundamentals course. Using multiple threads is key to more building scalable and responsive .NET applications, and it helps make the best use of the processor in between or during user events. <br /><a target=_blank href=مفاهیم-پیشرفته-دات-نت/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> کلود اختصاصی: تحویل سرویس و اتومات سازی (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)کلود-اختصاصی:-تحویل-سرویس-و-اتومات-سازی/238 1/3/2017 6:55:31 PM This Private Cloud Training course focuses on how using Microsoft System Center can help you build, deploy, and manage the service-oriented architecture of the Microsoft private cloud.<br /><a target=_blank href=کلود-اختصاصی:-تحویل-سرویس-و-اتومات-سازی/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مفاهیم پایه در توسعه نرم افزار (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)مفاهیم-پایه-در-توسعه-نرم-افزار/114 1/2/2017 7:47:44 PM Take this MVA software development training course provides for an overview of the concepts that viewers are expected to understand when taking Exam 98-361: Software Development Fundamentals. The content is introductory level and helps viewers understand the various aspects of software development. The course focuses on key fundamental concepts of software development programs that all software developers need to know.<br /><a target=_blank href=مفاهیم-پایه-در-توسعه-نرم-افزار/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دوره کاربردی امنیت در Azure برای متخصصان IT (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)دوره-کاربردی-امنیت-در-Azure-برای-متخصصان-IT/253 1/4/2017 8:16:29 PM ​Do IT security concerns keep you up at night? You're not alone! Many IT Pros want to extend their organization's infrastructure but need reassurance about security. Whether you are researching a hybrid or a public cloud model with Microsoft Azure, the question remains the same: Does the solution meet your own personal and your organization's bar for security, including industry standards, attestations, and ISO certifications?<br /><a target=_blank href=دوره-کاربردی-امنیت-در-Azure-برای-متخصصان-IT/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> 10 نکته و روش بزرگ در مدیریت دیوایس های موبایل (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)نکته-و-روش-بزرگ-در-مدیریت-دیوایس-های-موبایل/156 1/3/2017 10:37:31 AM Looking for enterprise mobility management advice? How about experience-based tips and tricks for devices, mobility, and security? Don’t miss this practical course, led by Microsoft Solutions Professionals who have years of real-world experience. Go through these 10 modules with them, for an in-depth exploration of the enterprise mobility platform and what it covers. <br /><a target=_blank href=نکته-و-روش-بزرگ-در-مدیریت-دیوایس-های-موبایل/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> فناوری اطلاعات مدرن: DevOps to ITIL، ایجاد یک چرخه حیات کامل برای مدیریت سرویس ها (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)فناوری-اطلاعات-مدرن:-DevOps-to-ITIL،-ایجاد-یک-چرخه-حیات-کامل-برای-مدیریت-سرویس-ها/358 1/5/2017 4:21:41 PM How do you merge the movement of DevOps into your existing ITIL service management practices? Are they friends or enemies? Find out, in this practical and helpful look at DevOps.<br /><a target=_blank href=فناوری-اطلاعات-مدرن:-DevOps-to-ITIL،-ایجاد-یک-چرخه-حیات-کامل-برای-مدیریت-سرویس-ها/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> نکات مهم در مدیریت سازمان های کوچک و متوسط بین المللی (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)نکات-مهم-در-مدیریت-سازمان-های-کوچک-و-متوسط-بین-المللی/187 1/3/2017 2:32:14 PM Prof. Shameen Prashantham discusses his international study, Dancing with Gorillas and takes lessons from it for SMEs when engaging with MNCs. He discusses key benefits, challenges and lessons for entrepreneurs. <br /><a target=_blank href=نکات-مهم-در-مدیریت-سازمان-های-کوچک-و-متوسط-بین-المللی/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آموزش کد نویسی با CODExist: ترقی دادن ربات ها (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)آموزش-کد-نویسی-با-CODExist:-ترقی-دادن-ربات-ها/641 1/7/2017 7:37:57 PM Want to add new elements to a game you've created in TouchDevelop? Build on Hour of Code with TouchDevelop and Learn to Code with CODExist: The Birth of Bot, and find how to make a mobile game more engaging and exciting!<br /><a target=_blank href=آموزش-کد-نویسی-با-CODExist:-ترقی-دادن-ربات-ها/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> چگونه بهترین بهره وری و کارکرد را از Azure بگیریم؟ (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)چگونه-بهترین-بهره-وری-و-کارکرد-را-از-Azure-بگیریم؟/287 1/4/2017 9:31:04 PM Deploying Azure? You know that delivering a great user experience is important for the success of your Azure deployment. Explore how Azure makes it easy to deliver excellent performance by selecting the right service options, monitoring them, and scaling to meet demand. Look at common architecture choices, learn how to build for performance, and more. Don't miss it!<br /><a target=_blank href=چگونه-بهترین-بهره-وری-و-کارکرد-را-از-Azure-بگیریم؟/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> همه چیز درباره Operational Insights در محیط Azure (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)همه-چیز-درباره-Operational-Insights-در-محیط-Azure/363 1/5/2017 4:42:26 PM Would you like to learn how Microsoft Azure Operational Insights can enable IT administrators to collect, combine, correlate, and visualize machine data, to easily identify the root cause of operational issues? Or maybe you need to get deep visibility into datacenter capacity, pinpoint capacity shortages, investigate "what-if" scenarios, identify stale and over-allocated virtual machines (VMs), and plan your infrastructure's future compute and storage needs. You may even want to identify operational issues caused by Windows Service and software changes in your environment.<br /><a target=_blank href=همه-چیز-درباره-Operational-Insights-در-محیط-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br />