IT Virtual Academy تست در محیط ویژوال استودیو (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)تست-در-محیط-ویژوال-استودیو/129 1/3/2017 9:01:05 AM Do you work with C# or C++ and want to make your tests even better? Whether you are a seasoned developer/tester or are just starting out, join us for a look at the tools available for automated and manual testing in Visual Studio 2015 and Microsoft Test Manager 2015. Explore features rather than theories, in this Visual Studio training. <br /><a target=_blank href=تست-در-محیط-ویژوال-استودیو/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> توسعه بازی در ویندوز 10 توسط Construct 2 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)توسعه-بازی-در-ویندوز-10-توسط-Construct-2/5 1/2/2017 12:55:48 PM If you’d like to leverage your existing skills with the Construct 2 game engine to create great games for Windows 10, don’t miss this course! In these practical modules, find out what's new for Construct 2 with Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), along with the latest on Azure App Service. <br /><a target=_blank href=توسعه-بازی-در-ویندوز-10-توسط-Construct-2/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مفاهیم شبکه، نسخه آکادمیک (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)مفاهیم-شبکه،-نسخه-آکادمیک/646 1/7/2017 7:49:47 PM Educators, are you looking for a fast-paced and comprehensive introduction to network fundamentals? This on-demand, independent study course is just the ticket. Explore the basics of networking, and get a firm understanding of the underlying concepts. Each of these modules for educators and other learners runs about 30 minutes and covers new concepts, while reinforcing earlier topics. The course includes PowerPoint presentations for use individually or in the classroom.<br /><a target=_blank href=مفاهیم-شبکه،-نسخه-آکادمیک/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> طراحی اپلیکیشن های Xbox One (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)طراحی-اپلیکیشن-های-Xbox-One/100 1/2/2017 7:27:01 PM If you’d like to learn everything you need to get started developing applications for the Xbox One, don’t miss this course. Join experts Daren May and Jerry Nixon for an in-depth look, beginning with how to configure your development environment on the PC and on the Xbox One. Learn how to optimize the visual appearance of your apps for the Xbox, and take a look at UI control behaviors and property settings. <br /><a target=_blank href=طراحی-اپلیکیشن-های-Xbox-One/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تکنولوژی چگونه می تواند به رشد بیزنس شما کمک کند؟ (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)تکنولوژی-چگونه-می-تواند-به-رشد-بیزنس-شما-کمک-کند؟/184 1/3/2017 2:28:27 PM Chris Williams explains the benefit of running one's business from the cloud and how it can help grow the business. He explains the benefits of Office 365 and Azure and closes with case studies of businesses who have grown as a result of utilising these technologies. <br /><a target=_blank href=تکنولوژی-چگونه-می-تواند-به-رشد-بیزنس-شما-کمک-کند؟/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> کارکرد حرفه ای با آنالیز دیتا در Azure (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)کارکرد-حرفه-ای-با-آنالیز-دیتا-در-Azure/524 1/6/2017 10:52:26 PM Want to set up real-time analytic computations on data streaming from devices, sensors, websites, social media, apps, and more? Check out this demo-filled, hands-on Azure Stream Analytics training course, part of an exciting new series from Wintellect and Microsoft.<br /><a target=_blank href=کارکرد-حرفه-ای-با-آنالیز-دیتا-در-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> DevOps در محیط ویژوال استودیو (Team Services) و TFS (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)در-محیط-ویژوال-استودیو-(Team-Services)-و-TFS/119 1/3/2017 8:38:21 AM Looking for DevOps training? If your team is designing, building, and managing enterprise solutions and cross-platform mobile business apps, you may have already established some DevOps guidelines. See how practicing DevOps can help teams respond faster to competitive pressures by replacing error-prone manual processes with automation for improved traceability and repeatable workflows. <br /><a target=_blank href=در-محیط-ویژوال-استودیو-(Team-Services)-و-TFS/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> طراحی راه حل های همکاری با آفیس 365 (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)طراحی-راه-حل-های-همکاری-با-آفیس-365/572 1/7/2017 2:04:54 PM ​Can Office 365 help improve collaboration? Definitely! The rise of mobile technology and cloud computing has transformed the way we work and has made collaboration essential for a success of a business.<br /><a target=_blank href=طراحی-راه-حل-های-همکاری-با-آفیس-365/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> کار حرفه ای با یادگیری ماشین در Azure (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)کار-حرفه-ای-با-یادگیری-ماشین-در-Azure/525 1/6/2017 10:53:03 PM Interested in machine learning and predictive analytics? Don’t miss this Azure Machine Learning course, part of an exciting new series from Wintellect and Microsoft. Azure Machine Learning is a cloud-based service for building machine-learning models using a drag-and-drop user interface. With Azure Machine Learning, you can perform sophisticated predictive analytics from data sets large or small, using an assortment of included algorithms or using code algorithms of your own in R and Python.<br /><a target=_blank href=کار-حرفه-ای-با-یادگیری-ماشین-در-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> سرویس ریموت دسک تاپ در محیط Azure (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)سرویس-ریموت-دسک-تاپ-در-محیط-Azure/295 1/4/2017 9:41:41 PM If you'd like to learn to create highly secure, scalable, and reliable desktop hosting solutions for small- and medium-sized organizations with up to 1,500 users, check out this course. Find out how to use Remote Desktop Services and Microsoft Azure virtual machines to create multitenant, hosted Windows desktop and application services, also known as desktop hosting.<br /><a target=_blank href=سرویس-ریموت-دسک-تاپ-در-محیط-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آموزش کاربردی ایجاد اپ توسط HTML5 و jQuery (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)آموزش-کاربردی-ایجاد-اپ-توسط-HTML5-و-jQuery/86 1/2/2017 6:43:57 PM Want to know what exactly jQuery is and why it's so wildly popular? Get answers, and watch an exciting day of jQuery goodness hosted by Jeremy Foster and Rachel Appel, who teach you what it is, why you need it, and how you use it. (Spoiler alert: jQuery makes your dev work significantly easier, and it's inherently reactive!)<br /><a target=_blank href=آموزش-کاربردی-ایجاد-اپ-توسط-HTML5-و-jQuery/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> امکانات جدید در ویندوز 10 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)امکانات-جدید-در-ویندوز-10/202 1/3/2017 2:50:18 PM This Microsoft Partner Applied Workshop introduces IT Professionals to the new features and capabilities of Windows 10. <br /><a target=_blank href=امکانات-جدید-در-ویندوز-10/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دوره کاربردی PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)دوره-کاربردی-PowerShell-Desired-State-Configuration-(DSC)/268 1/4/2017 8:40:10 PM Are you keeping up with PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC)? It's one of the fastest-moving technologies today. But more than that, it literally transforms how IT Implementers deploy and manage on-premises resources and those extended to hybrid and other cloud environments for both Windows and Linux. Get a solid foundation with this course, and build on it with "Advanced PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) and Custom Resources."<br /><a target=_blank href=دوره-کاربردی-PowerShell-Desired-State-Configuration-(DSC)/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مجازی سازی و مدیریت SQL Server در پلت فرم کلود مایکروسافت (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)مجازی-سازی-و-مدیریت-SQL-Server-در-پلت-فرم-کلود-مایکروسافت/215 1/3/2017 5:44:39 PM As customers move past virtualizing their less critical systems and move onto the more powerful, more demanding, more mission-critical systems, it is very important that they have confidence that virtualization can provide what was previously available in the physical world. Performance is one of the key considerations to virtualizing these kind of workloads, and with the performance testing by ESG, along with the key scale and performance capabilities in Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V, it's clear that customers can successfully virtualize those workloads, without sacrifices, on a cost-effective virtualization platform.<br /><a target=_blank href=مجازی-سازی-و-مدیریت-SQL-Server-در-پلت-فرم-کلود-مایکروسافت/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دیجیتال مارکتینگ و سرمایه گذاری در آن (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)دیجیتال-مارکتینگ-و-سرمایه-گذاری-در-آن/183 1/3/2017 2:27:31 PM Prashant discusses the importance of learning to run a business without receiving large sums of money from investors, and explains how digital marketing can create fundings. <br /><a target=_blank href=دیجیتال-مارکتینگ-و-سرمایه-گذاری-در-آن/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مدیریت IT در محیط هیبرید، بخش 2: محافظت از محیط رایانش ابری (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)مدیریت-IT-در-محیط-هیبرید،-بخش-2:-محافظت-از-محیط-رایانش-ابری/341 1/5/2017 12:15:47 PM If you’re wondering how the cloud can enhance your ability to protect and recover on-premises data and workloads, be sure to check out this course, the second in a multi-part series on Hybrid IT Management. With the new speed and agility brought to the datacenter by the cloud come challenges around visibility, protection, monitoring, and streamlining workflows. To resolve these issues and to unify management across infrastructure and services, many are turning to Microsoft Hybrid IT Management solutions, powered by the Operations Management Suite and System Center.<br /><a target=_blank href=مدیریت-IT-در-محیط-هیبرید،-بخش-2:-محافظت-از-محیط-رایانش-ابری/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ریست رمز عبور به صورت Self Service در آفیس 365 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)ریست-رمز-عبور-به-صورت-Self-Service-در-آفیس-365/256 1/4/2017 8:21:21 PM Join us in this fast-paced demo on how to set up and use Office 365 Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) capabilities. Experts walk you through a brief overview on SSPR, then show you how to perform SSPR, change SSPR user settings, and perform password write-back. Don't miss it!<br /><a target=_blank href=ریست-رمز-عبور-به-صورت-Self-Service-در-آفیس-365/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مدیریت Exchange Online توسط پاورشل (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)مدیریت-Exchange-Online-توسط-پاورشل/273 1/4/2017 8:45:18 PM If you'd like to learn how to use PowerShell to manage Office 365 users and Exchange Online services, watch the experts as they walk you through it. Although the Office 365 Portal is the primary administration tool for Exchange Online, there are a number of tasks which require PowerShell to perform. In addition, PowerShell scripts provide an easy way to automate many tasks, including creating and provisioning users. <br /><a target=_blank href=مدیریت-Exchange-Online-توسط-پاورشل/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ویندوز سرور 2012 R2: مدیریت سرور و اتوماسیون (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)ویندوز-سرور-2012-R2:-مدیریت-سرور-و-اتوماسیون/470 1/5/2017 8:41:42 PM This course contains four modules that provide an overview of Server Manager and Automation, as well as detailing new management capabilities, updates to Windows PowerShell, deployment options and methods, and MultiServer Management capabilities. This course provides education that will assist in getting started with Windows Server 2012 R2 in regard to management and automation, helping you to create a more efficient work environment.<br /><a target=_blank href=ویندوز-سرور-2012-R2:-مدیریت-سرور-و-اتوماسیون/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آشنایی با Redux (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)آشنایی-با-Redux/117 1/3/2017 8:35:02 AM Want to learn how to code Redux apps with TypeScript and React? Now’s your chance! Take a look at this in-depth and practical course, part of an exciting new series from Wintellect and Microsoft, and get the details. Explore Redux, a compact library that provides a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. And see how it revolves around the concepts of state trees (stores) that store state, actions that change state trees, and reducers that describe how actions perform. <br /><a target=_blank href=آشنایی-با-Redux/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> XAMLبرای ویندوز 10: Layout (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)برای-ویندوز-10:-Layout/9 1/2/2017 12:58:17 PM Want to explore layout concepts in XAML and to learn how to lay out controls for Windows 10 apps using XAML? This is your course! Explore the common layout controls provided in XAML, and get into the details of using Custom Panels to enhance the layout of your Windows 10 apps. Plus, take a look at various design patterns and see how to use Relative Panel and Grids to lay out controls on your Windows 10 UI. <br /><a target=_blank href=برای-ویندوز-10:-Layout/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ویندوز سرور 2012 R2: بهینه سازی های اکتیو دایرکتوری (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)ویندوز-سرور-2012-R2:-بهینه-سازی-های-اکتیو-دایرکتوری/456 1/5/2017 8:26:03 PM Interested in Active Directory enhancements within Windows Server 2012 R2? Join us for a detailed look. Explore the options for deploying domain controllers using the new Server Manager and using both the GUI and Windows PowerShell. Hear about the new Active Directory Management tool, and use its Windows PowerShell History Viewer.<br /><a target=_blank href=ویندوز-سرور-2012-R2:-بهینه-سازی-های-اکتیو-دایرکتوری/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پیاده سازی PHP در Azure (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)پیاده-سازی-PHP-در-Azure/532 1/7/2017 12:55:25 PM If you are a PHP developer, you may be wondering what Microsoft Azure can do for you or what you can do with Azure. Get those questions answered in this course, which is an introduction to integrating Azure Services into your current and future PHP development projects. Learn about deploying your existing application to Azure, and take a look at the database services available in Azure.<br /><a target=_blank href=پیاده-سازی-PHP-در-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مدیریت سرویس ها در آفیس 365 (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)مدیریت-سرویس-ها-در-آفیس-365/284 1/4/2017 9:28:47 PM What does service management look like for admins in Office 365? Find out, directly from the experts. In this course, delve into additional aspects of Office 365 service management that administrators must understand, including the different Office 365 administrator roles and best practices around administration account management, automating tasks with PowerShell, domain management, and mail flow. Plus, move beyond service management into service troubleshooting.<br /><a target=_blank href=مدیریت-سرویس-ها-در-آفیس-365/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> همکاری آفیس 365 با OneDrive تجاری (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)همکاری-آفیس-365-با-OneDrive-تجاری/426 1/5/2017 7:04:05 PM Have you heard of the many benefits offered by​ OneDrive for Business? It’s the Microsoft solution for storing all of your work data in the cloud. As such, it is an integral part of Office 365 and SharePoint 2013. Watch these demo-rich sessions, and see the functionality and extensibility of OneDrive for Business, from an end-user perspective. Plus, see demos of administrative features, including managing sharing, external access, and enhancing OneDrive for Business with Apps for SharePoint.<br /><a target=_blank href=همکاری-آفیس-365-با-OneDrive-تجاری/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> سرعت بخشیدن به راه اندازی کلود توسط Integrated Identity (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)سرعت-بخشیدن-به-راه-اندازی-کلود-توسط-Integrated-Identity/351 1/5/2017 2:49:24 PM Wondering how cloud identities can help you run your business better? Watch this session, and find out. See how to get identities to the cloud and how to mix on-premises and cloud identity for improved PC, mobile, and web productivity. Learn how to unify identities across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud for better single sign-on. Don't miss it!<br /><a target=_blank href=سرعت-بخشیدن-به-راه-اندازی-کلود-توسط-Integrated-Identity/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> امکانات ویندوز 10 برای بیزنس های کوچک و متوسط (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)امکانات-ویندوز-10-برای-بیزنس-های-کوچک-و-متوسط/501 1/6/2017 10:18:20 PM Join us to discover Windows 10, functionality, value proposition to customers and exciting role play scenarios.<br /><a target=_blank href=امکانات-ویندوز-10-برای-بیزنس-های-کوچک-و-متوسط/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تقویت مارکتینگ با استفاده از آفیس 365 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)تقویت-مارکتینگ-با-استفاده-از-آفیس-365/623 1/7/2017 4:27:47 PM Do you own a small business? Are you wondering how to market it online to reach new customers and to help increase your revenues? Don't miss this chance to learn how to use the tools available in Office 365 to improve your marketing efforts.<br /><a target=_blank href=تقویت-مارکتینگ-با-استفاده-از-آفیس-365/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دیتابیس های SQL در محیط Azure (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)دیتابیس-های-SQL-در-محیط-Azure/385 1/5/2017 5:26:14 PM Developers and IT pros, get an overview of Windows Azure SQL Database and learn how to create and work with SQL Database for common scenarios. The session focuses on overall architecture, management, and developer topics.<br /><a target=_blank href=دیتابیس-های-SQL-در-محیط-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> کار حرفه ای با Surface Pro 3 (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)کار-حرفه-ای-با-Surface-Pro-3/293 1/4/2017 9:38:43 PM If you're looking into Surface Pro 3 deployment and you'd like to learn why automation is important (plus how to automate using PowerShell), check out this course. Determine the correct version of System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) for you, and learn which tools you need. Get the details on distributing the Surface Pro 3 Driver Package and how to add the network drivers to the x64 boot.wim. Find out the requirements for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) and why to use it. And get the details on how to import drivers in MDT and SCCM, using custom PowerShell scripts to import drivers and to create driver packages and categories.<br /><a target=_blank href=کار-حرفه-ای-با-Surface-Pro-3/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> نتایج تیم های پویا: همکاری مدرن و بینش شخصی (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)نتایج-تیم-های-پویا:-همکاری-مدرن-و-بینش-شخصی/392 1/5/2017 6:13:23 PM Looking for business collaboration solutions that can help your organization achieve its goals? Advances in cloud, mobile, and social technologies have forever changed the way we interact in the workplace. Collaboration is now central to productivity, and the formation of teams has become increasingly dynamic. In addition, information abundance is leading to the need for personalized insights.<br /><a target=_blank href=نتایج-تیم-های-پویا:-همکاری-مدرن-و-بینش-شخصی/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مراحل پیشرفته مجازی سازی در سازمان های بزرگ (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)مراحل-پیشرفته-مجازی-سازی-در-سازمان-های-بزرگ/209 1/3/2017 5:30:18 PM In today’s cloud-first world, your developers come to you every day with new technology demands: microservices, DevOps, modern applications, and much more. Is your enterprise virtualization platform evolving to meet this demand? In this course, get the answers you need. <br /><a target=_blank href=مراحل-پیشرفته-مجازی-سازی-در-سازمان-های-بزرگ/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دوره کاربردی Resource Manager DevOps در Azure (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)دوره-کاربردی-Resource-Manager-DevOps-در-Azure/443 1/5/2017 7:44:03 PM Developers and IT Pros, do you want to make management and deployment of Azure resources more efficient? If you want faster and more repeatable application deployments across all your Azure environments, add to your skill set and walk with the experts through Azure resource management.<br /><a target=_blank href=دوره-کاربردی-Resource-Manager-DevOps-در-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پیاده سازی Entity Framework در MVC (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)پیاده-سازی-Entity-Framework-در-MVC/491 1/6/2017 8:33:11 PM How can Entity Framework (EF) simplify your work? Find out from Adam Tuliper and Christopher Harrison, in this Web Wednesdays course. Almost every website you create is a front-end to a database. So managing that data effectively is key to the success, flexibility, and performance of your application. Plus, a robust object/relational mapping (ORM) tool is critical. This is why EF is such a must-have for developers.<br /><a target=_blank href=پیاده-سازی-Entity-Framework-در-MVC/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> معرفی کاربردی Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)معرفی-کاربردی-Microsoft-Dynamics-GP-2013/519 1/6/2017 10:30:45 PM Start your Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 training with a high-level overview of what the application offers. Kevin Schimke, Microsoft Learning Experiences Project Manager, introduces basic concepts and elements used throughout the application. Kevin was a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) on Microsoft Dynamics GP for many years, and he shares his experience and insight with you.<br /><a target=_blank href=معرفی-کاربردی-Microsoft-Dynamics-GP-2013/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ارائه Elastic Data Warehouse به عنوان یک سرویس (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)ارائه-Elastic-Data-Warehouse-به-عنوان-یک-سرویس/556 1/7/2017 1:43:31 PM Want an overview of the newly announced Azure SQL Data Warehouse? Dive into the system’s architecture, and get answers to key questions, like how to scale the service quickly, what some of the challenges with separated storage and compute are, and what's possible next.<br /><a target=_blank href=ارائه-Elastic-Data-Warehouse-به-عنوان-یک-سرویس/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> شیرپوینت برای همه (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)شیرپوینت-برای-همه/607 1/7/2017 4:07:32 PM Are you a teacher looking to collaborate and communicate with your students, in class and beyond? Look no further than SharePoint!<br /><a target=_blank href=شیرپوینت-برای-همه/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مهاجرت از ویندوز XP به ویندوز 8.1 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)مهاجرت-از-ویندوز-XP-به-ویندوز-8.1/303 1/4/2017 11:10:42 PM Need help with the transition from Windows XP to Windows 8.1? In this course, Microsoft Technical Lead Kyle Rosenthal walks you through the various challenges of the upgrade, ensuring you a seamless transition to the new Windows 8.1. Get to know the tools that will help you with the move and that can continue to help you as you use Windows 8.1.<br /><a target=_blank href=مهاجرت-از-ویندوز-XP-به-ویندوز-8.1/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> XAML برای ویندوز 10: Items Controls (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)برای-ویندوز-10:-Items-Controls/8 1/2/2017 12:57:42 PM Are you looking for tips and tricks for using XAML to create Windows 10 apps? Check out this course, and get to know XAML list controls and the functionality that they provide out of the box. See how to create collections using the Items Controls, and learn to perform data-binding using collections. <br /><a target=_blank href=برای-ویندوز-10:-Items-Controls/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> بازگردانی سرویس و دسترسی بالا در کلودهای هیبرید (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)بازگردانی-سرویس-و-دسترسی-بالا-در-کلودهای-هیبرید/214 1/3/2017 5:43:50 PM Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager protects applications by coordinating the replication of virtual machines (VMs) at a secondary location. In this course, explore how Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager brings together Hyper-V Replica asynchronous virtual machine replication capabilities in Windows Server and the Virtual Machine Manager component of System Center, and how it combines them with the power of Microsoft Azure to provide site-to-site protection of your virtual machines and private clouds. This includes remote health monitoring and orchestrated recovery. The course examines other features that help with disaster recovery and high availability in a hybrid cloud environment. <br /><a target=_blank href=بازگردانی-سرویس-و-دسترسی-بالا-در-کلودهای-هیبرید/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مفاهیم پیشرفته دات نت (طراحی و برنامه نویسی وب : حرفه ای)مفاهیم-پیشرفته-دات-نت/124 1/3/2017 8:49:38 AM Exploring .NET threading? Get started with this thread fundamentals course. Using multiple threads is key to more building scalable and responsive .NET applications, and it helps make the best use of the processor in between or during user events. <br /><a target=_blank href=مفاهیم-پیشرفته-دات-نت/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> Enterprise Mobility در مایکروسافت (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)در-مایکروسافت/337 1/5/2017 12:06:27 PM Interested in how Microsoft implements mobile solutions globally to support its 180,000 internal users? Be sure to take this IT Showcase course, as you continue your exploration of “how Microsoft does IT.” Get insight into the best practices Microsoft has employed to plan, design, deploy, and manage mobile solutions, and hear practical details from Microsoft IT subject matter experts (SMEs).<br /><a target=_blank href=در-مایکروسافت/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ایجاد بلاک ها در اینترنت اشیاء (IoT) (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)ایجاد-بلاک-ها-در-اینترنت-اشیاء-(IoT)/132 1/3/2017 9:06:53 AM Are you an experienced developer who is curious about the Internet of Things (IoT)? If you want to get started creating apps and to leverage the future, the //build workshop on IoT is a great first step. Prepare for the workshop with experts Jeremy Foster and Christopher Harrison, as they show you what you need to know to successfully complete it. <br /><a target=_blank href=ایجاد-بلاک-ها-در-اینترنت-اشیاء-(IoT)/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آموزش راهکارهای استفاده از Azure (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)آموزش-راهکارهای-استفاده-از-Azure/566 1/7/2017 1:51:11 PM This MVA Course is to help Sellers understand Azure and the priorities to focus on. It also provides practical guidance on how to prepare/use reference stories to help customers and to ask insightful questions to gain agreement to prove Azure Capabilities.<br /><a target=_blank href=آموزش-راهکارهای-استفاده-از-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مفاهیم زیرساختی مدیریت ویندوز سرور (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)مفاهیم-زیرساختی-مدیریت-ویندوز-سرور/455 1/5/2017 8:25:18 PM Are you preparing for Exam 98-365: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals and Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification? This MTA Training course can help!<br /><a target=_blank href=مفاهیم-زیرساختی-مدیریت-ویندوز-سرور/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تسلط بر توسعه کورتانا (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)تسلط-بر-توسعه-کورتانا/32 1/2/2017 3:51:57 PM What does “Cortana as a service” mean to developers? For most people, Cortana is the personal digital assistant baked into Windows. For developers, Cortana as a service can be an opportunity to raise the bar, enabling them to build apps that respond to voice commands and act as extensions to Cortana. <br /><a target=_blank href=تسلط-بر-توسعه-کورتانا/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> افزایش بهره وری با آفیس 365 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)افزایش-بهره-وری-با-آفیس-365/625 1/7/2017 4:28:49 PM If you're wondering how small businesses can use the tools available in Office 365 to improve their business productivity, take this demo-rich course. Get instruction on how to create shipping labels from business data, produce effective business reports, and maintain important information for your business. In addition, see how to identify top customers, create special offers, identify customer buying patterns, use mail merge to send out critical emails, and schedule generic communications to prospects.<br /><a target=_blank href=افزایش-بهره-وری-با-آفیس-365/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ویژگی های پیشرفته ی Visual Studio Enterprise (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)ویژگی-های-پیشرفته-ی-Visual-Studio-Enterprise/136 1/3/2017 9:11:38 AM Can Visual Studio Enterprise simplify your work? Whether you’re working on greenfield software development projects or with legacy code, the answer is yes. <br /><a target=_blank href=ویژگی-های-پیشرفته-ی-Visual-Studio-Enterprise/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> استفاده از پاورشل برای مدیریت کاربران آفیس 365 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)استفاده-از-پاورشل-برای-مدیریت-کاربران-آفیس-365/618 1/7/2017 4:23:40 PM Join us in this fast-paced demo to learn how to manage Office 365 users using PowerShell. Experts show you how to create and delete users, update user IDs and passwords, assign licenses and groups, and much more.<br /><a target=_blank href=استفاده-از-پاورشل-برای-مدیریت-کاربران-آفیس-365/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> امنیت در شبکه های بزرگ (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)امنیت-در-شبکه-های-بزرگ/251 1/4/2017 7:33:07 PM ​Do you know how cybercriminals work? Get helpful insight, in this cybersecurity course. As an IT Pro, you know that the computer threat landscape is continually changing and that increasingly sophisticated attacks are targeting your organization's infrastructure and confidential information. <br /><a target=_blank href=امنیت-در-شبکه-های-بزرگ/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آموزش کاربردی نحوه پرسش (Query) از دیتابیس SQL Server (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)آموزش-کاربردی-نحوه-پرسش-(Query)--از-دیتابیس-SQL-Server/95 1/2/2017 6:56:28 PM IT Pros, take this SQL Server queries course if you’re already familiar with database fundamentals and working with SQL Server and you’re ready to take your skills to the next level. It can also help you prepare for Exam 70-461, a key part of the MCSA: SQL Server certification. This Microsoft SQL Server database course offers you the chance to understand the process better and teaches you to retrieve, insert, and update your database information. You will also learn about data manipulation statements and how to alter tables, and you'll see some practical demos.<br /><a target=_blank href=آموزش-کاربردی-نحوه-پرسش-(Query)--از-دیتابیس-SQL-Server/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دوره کاربردی آشنایی با پلت فرم های مدرن وب (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)دوره-کاربردی-آشنایی-با-پلت-فرم-های-مدرن-وب/22 1/2/2017 1:15:16 PM Devs, want a primer on the latest capabilities and features available in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Discover the basics you need to create websites, web apps, and even native Windows apps. Dive deep into modern web APIs and tour libraries you can use to build anything from the simplest to the most complex apps.<br /><a target=_blank href=دوره-کاربردی-آشنایی-با-پلت-فرم-های-مدرن-وب/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> گراف آفیس، Delve و شیرپوینت، ترکیبی مناسب (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)گراف-آفیس،-Delve-و-شیرپوینت،-ترکیبی-مناسب/397 1/5/2017 6:17:12 PM Learn about the Office Graph architecture, how SharePoint and FAST drive Delve experiences, and how to make the most of contextual search and discovery, in this helpful and practical session.<br /><a target=_blank href=گراف-آفیس،-Delve-و-شیرپوینت،-ترکیبی-مناسب/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> افزایش کیفیت T-SQL با اپراتور APPLY (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)افزایش-کیفیت-T-SQL-با-اپراتور-APPLY/637 1/7/2017 7:11:06 PM Need creative solutions to T-SQL issues? Get them from Itzik Ben-Gan, one of the world's foremost authorities, along with Microsoft Program Manager Umachandar Jayachandran. These experts demonstrate the APPLY operator, a T-SQL feature that can be used to solve a wide variety of problems. What's especially interesting about APPLY is how it can be used in conjunction with many T-SQL features. To demonstrate this aspect of APPLY, the session tracks the operator through time, discussing features that were initially introduced in different versions of SQL Server (7.0, like TOP, through 2012, like OFFSET-FETCH), some of which are widely used today. For each feature, the session describes its shortcomings and then shows how to use APPLY to overcome it and to improve the feature.<br /><a target=_blank href=افزایش-کیفیت-T-SQL-با-اپراتور-APPLY/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آنالیز کلان داده ها با HDInsight: Hadoop در Azure (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)آنالیز-کلان-داده-ها-با-HDInsight:-Hadoop-در-Azure/531 1/6/2017 11:02:00 PM Would you like to make sense of the volumes of data, and to use that data to streamline your workload? You can visualize your data and make it work for you. Find out how with leading experts on big data analytics with Hadoop and Microsoft Azure HDInsight. HDInsight is a managed service deployment of Hadoop, which makes it easier to query, ingest, and publish data and to create workflows<br /><a target=_blank href=آنالیز-کلان-داده-ها-با-HDInsight:-Hadoop-در-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پیاده سازی احراز هویت (Authentication) در ASP.NET با Identity (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)پیاده-سازی-احراز-هویت-(Authentication)-در-ASP.NET-با-Identity/85 1/2/2017 6:42:57 PM Want to know how to use the new ASP.NET Identity system to manage access to your web apps and services? Explore the evolution of membership and identity in ASP.NET, and get real-world guidance and best practices on how to implement the newly architected system so you can easily define and manage users.<br /><a target=_blank href=پیاده-سازی-احراز-هویت-(Authentication)-در-ASP.NET-با-Identity/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مفاهیم کاربردی HTML5 و CSS برای برنامه نویسان مبتدی (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)مفاهیم-کاربردی-HTML5-و-CSS-برای-برنامه-نویسان-مبتدی/96 1/2/2017 6:57:51 PM Want to learn HTML5 and CSS3? Over the course of 21 episodes, our friend Bob Tabor, from, teaches you the fundamentals of HTML5 & CSS3 programming. Tune in to learn CSS3 styles, concepts about webpages, and HTML5 features. <br /><a target=_blank href=مفاهیم-کاربردی-HTML5-و-CSS-برای-برنامه-نویسان-مبتدی/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آشنایی و کار حرفه ای با Hyper-V (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)آشنایی-و-کار-حرفه-ای-با-Hyper-V/235 1/3/2017 6:53:31 PM This eight-hour Introduction to Hyper-V course is designed for IT Pros who are experienced in virtualization (i.e., VMware, Citrix) but in who want learn how to leverage Hyper-V to perform essential tasks in the Windows Server 2012 platform. <br /><a target=_blank href=آشنایی-و-کار-حرفه-ای-با-Hyper-V/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دوره کاربردی OneDrive برای محصولات تجاری (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)دوره-کاربردی-OneDrive-برای-محصولات-تجاری/401 1/5/2017 6:22:00 PM Interested in the latest key innovations in OneDrive for Business, along with a detailed strategy update and roadmap? Don't miss this session. Walk through an overview of the new features delivered in the OneDrive for Business product experience, along with IT and developer tools, with lots of helpful demos. End the session with a clear view of the value that OneDrive for Business can offer your organization and a look at upcoming innovation.<br /><a target=_blank href=دوره-کاربردی-OneDrive-برای-محصولات-تجاری/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آموزش کاربردی DirectAccess در ویندوز سرور 2012 (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)آموزش-کاربردی-DirectAccess--در-ویندوز-سرور-2012/476 1/5/2017 8:45:45 PM Windows Server 2008 R2 introduced DirectAccess, a new remote access feature that allows connectivity to corporate network resources without the need for traditional Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections.<br /><a target=_blank href=آموزش-کاربردی-DirectAccess--در-ویندوز-سرور-2012/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> 10 نکته و روش بزرگ در مدیریت دیوایس های موبایل (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)نکته-و-روش-بزرگ-در-مدیریت-دیوایس-های-موبایل/156 1/3/2017 10:37:31 AM Looking for enterprise mobility management advice? How about experience-based tips and tricks for devices, mobility, and security? Don’t miss this practical course, led by Microsoft Solutions Professionals who have years of real-world experience. Go through these 10 modules with them, for an in-depth exploration of the enterprise mobility platform and what it covers. <br /><a target=_blank href=نکته-و-روش-بزرگ-در-مدیریت-دیوایس-های-موبایل/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> امکانات جدید ویندوز 8.1 برای متخصصان IT (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)امکانات-جدید-ویندوز-8.1-برای-متخصصان-IT/309 1/4/2017 11:15:42 PM Microsoft released Windows 8 to bring a modern computing experience to businesses and to help professionals stay connected to their colleagues and clients from anywhere, anytime. Windows 8.1 advances this vision and introduces new manageability, mobility, security, user experience and networking capabilities–with the goal of offering customers the best business tablets and versatile modern business PCs driven by the most powerful operating system designed for today’s modern businesses. The course covers the new and updated features in Windows 8.1 with regard to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios, mobility, security, and the modern user interface.<br /><a target=_blank href=امکانات-جدید-ویندوز-8.1-برای-متخصصان-IT/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پیاده سازی Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (طراحی و برنامه نویسی وب : حرفه ای)پیاده-سازی-Microsoft-Enterprise-Mobility-Suite/244 1/4/2017 6:45:42 PM If you’d like in-depth technical training on how to deploy Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), don’t miss this course. Learn specifics from key subject matter experts from our engineering teams, and explore hands-on labs covering hybrid identity and access management (Azure Active Directory Premium), Microsoft device and application management (Intune), and information protection (Azure Rights Management Service [RMS]). <br /><a target=_blank href=پیاده-سازی-Microsoft-Enterprise-Mobility-Suite/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مدرنیزه کردن دیتاسنتر (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)مدرنیزه-کردن-دیتاسنتر/377 1/5/2017 5:13:03 PM With Windows Server 2003 reaching the end of support in less than a year, many IT Pros want to get ahead of the process. Explore modernization and datacenter transformation options, storage, networking, and the cloud, with Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft Azure. Find out what you need to update your datacenter to match your workloads.<br /><a target=_blank href=مدرنیزه-کردن-دیتاسنتر/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ایجاد بلاک ها: کلان داده ها و یادگیری ماشین (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)ایجاد-بلاک-ها:-کلان-داده-ها-و-یادگیری-ماشین/529 1/6/2017 11:00:25 PM Two of the biggest buzz phrases in technology these days are big data and machine learning. Prepare for the Big Data and Machine Learning workshop at //build with this course, hosted by experts Amy Nicholson and Andrew Fryer.<br /><a target=_blank href=ایجاد-بلاک-ها:-کلان-داده-ها-و-یادگیری-ماشین/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ارتقاء مهارت های مدیریتی شما به SQL Server 2014 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)ارتقاء-مهارت-های-مدیریتی-شما-به-SQL-Server-2014/489 1/6/2017 8:27:47 PM Do you manage online transaction processing (OLTP) database workloads? Want to learn about the new and enhanced capabilities in SQL Server 2014 to help you do so? Watch this course to learn about enhancements and capabilities new to SQL Server and the Microsoft data platform since the release of SQL Server 2008.<br /><a target=_blank href=ارتقاء-مهارت-های-مدیریتی-شما-به-SQL-Server-2014/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ارتقاء مهارت ها به ویندوز 8.1 در MCSA (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)ارتقاء-مهارت-ها-به-ویندوز-8.1-در-MCSA/291 1/4/2017 9:35:46 PM Want to upgrade your skills to Windows 8.1, especially now that Microsoft support for Windows XP has ended? If you're a self-directed learner who currently holds a Windows XP or Windows 7 certification and you want to upgrade your skillset to the Windows 8.1 MCSA credential, take this course! With its accompanying PowerPoint decks, this course provides a solid foundation of the necessary knowledge and skills you need to prepare for 70-692: Upgrading Your XP Skills to Windows 8.1 and 70-689: Upgrading Your Skills to Windows 8.1.<br /><a target=_blank href=ارتقاء-مهارت-ها-به-ویندوز-8.1-در-MCSA/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> برنامه نویسی Universal Windows Apps با C# و XAML (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)برنامه-نویسی-Universal-Windows-Apps-با-C#-و-XAML/20 1/2/2017 1:14:11 PM Get real-world guidance for developing creating universal Windows apps, and save yourself valuable time when creating developing an apps for today’s mobile workforce and consumer marketplace. Learn from Microsoft experts as they build a working app using XAML and C# development tools and techniques that can give you a dramatic advantage as a developerwhen targeting both Windows and Windows Phone devices. See what's smart to share and what's not, when developing for the two platforms. Explore a broad range of features, covering both consumer and enterprise scenarios.<br /><a target=_blank href=برنامه-نویسی-Universal-Windows-Apps-با-C#-و-XAML/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مدیریت احراز هویت با مایکروسافت پاسپورت (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)مدیریت-احراز-هویت-با-مایکروسافت-پاسپورت/178 1/3/2017 2:18:56 PM If you’re wondering about Microsoft Passport and security, be sure to check out this course. Microsoft Passport provides two-factor authentication infrastructure that integrates with Windows Hello and attempts to replace or augment user passwords for devices, organizational systems, and applications. Combined with Windows Hello for local authentication, Microsoft Passport allows a user to connect to remote systems without requiring further user action or the use of secondary credentials. <br /><a target=_blank href=مدیریت-احراز-هویت-با-مایکروسافت-پاسپورت/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> صدای اسکایپ تجاری: کلود و هیبرید (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)صدای-اسکایپ-تجاری:-کلود-و-هیبرید/395 1/5/2017 6:15:42 PM Cloud PBX is here, and the future of voice and telephony is in the cloud, tightly integrated with Office 365. In this session, start planning to make the most of this exciting capability. From migrating straight to the cloud, to taking advantage of on-premises PSTN connectivity, go through all the topologies and the roadmap for voice capabilities in the cloud with Office 365.<br /><a target=_blank href=صدای-اسکایپ-تجاری:-کلود-و-هیبرید/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پیاده سازی پیشرفته ویندوز 10 به همراه API آفیس 365 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)پیاده-سازی-پیشرفته-ویندوز-10-به-همراه-API--آفیس-365/11 1/2/2017 12:59:58 PM That Start menu is back, and you can pin your own custom Windows 10 applications to it! In this session, explore the new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and see how to build Office 365 connected applications that work across PCs, tablets, and phones. <br /><a target=_blank href=پیاده-سازی-پیشرفته-ویندوز-10-به-همراه-API--آفیس-365/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> سوئیت هوشمند کورتانا (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)سوئیت-هوشمند-کورتانا/535 1/7/2017 12:57:57 PM If you’d like to learn how to architect solutions in Cortana Intelligence Suite and how to build intelligence into your applications, don’t miss this workshop! Build an end-to-end solution to predict flight delays, taking into account the weather forecast, based on an in-depth scenario, in which a business travel company looks to differentiate itself and to provide added value to its corporate customers.<br /><a target=_blank href=سوئیت-هوشمند-کورتانا/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مدیریت و ایمن سازی هویت ها در دنیای کلود و موبایل (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)مدیریت-و-ایمن-سازی-هویت-ها-در-دنیای-کلود-و-موبایل/354 1/5/2017 2:56:15 PM There is no doubt that we live in a mobile world. Employees today use several devices and apps across a variety of locations to access a constantly changing set of resources. Not only do they use several SaaS applications but they also want single sign-on to the cloud and on-premises. This complex activity creates a blind spot in identity and security, opening up your network for malicious attackers. Today, more than 75 percent of security breaches stem from compromised user credentials.<br /><a target=_blank href=مدیریت-و-ایمن-سازی-هویت-ها-در-دنیای-کلود-و-موبایل/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مفاهیم پایه علوم دیتا و یادگیری ماشین (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)مفاهیم-پایه-علوم-دیتا-و-یادگیری-ماشین/500 1/6/2017 10:17:33 PM Interested in data science? Demand for data science talent is exploding. Learn the essentials, with experts from MIT and the industry, partnering with Microsoft, to help develop your career as a Data Scientist.<br /><a target=_blank href=مفاهیم-پایه-علوم-دیتا-و-یادگیری-ماشین/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تحویل اطلاعات حساس با دسترسی همیشگی و امنیت بالا در SQL Server (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)تحویل-اطلاعات-حساس-با-دسترسی-همیشگی-و-امنیت-بالا-در-SQL-Server/99 1/2/2017 7:13:02 PM Curious about next-generation SQL Server? In this course, find out everything you want to know, including mission-critical performance and scale for transactional, data warehouse, and mixed workloads, along with structured and unstructured data. In addition, explore security innovations, availability and reliability improvements, advanced analytics, business intelligence, and world-class scale, both on-premises and in the cloud. <br /><a target=_blank href=تحویل-اطلاعات-حساس-با-دسترسی-همیشگی-و-امنیت-بالا-در-SQL-Server/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ایجاد سیستم های پیشنهادی در Azure (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)ایجاد-سیستم-های-پیشنهادی-در-Azure/143 1/3/2017 9:30:36 AM Machine Learning, or Data Science, is one of today's hottest buzzwords. The scenarios in which Azure Machine Learning can be applied are diverse and can range from predicting football scores to personalised recommendations in online shops to predictive maintenance in manufacturing.<br /><a target=_blank href=ایجاد-سیستم-های-پیشنهادی-در-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> استفاده از پاورشل در اکتیو دایرکتوری (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)استفاده-از-پاورشل-در-اکتیو-دایرکتوری/272 1/4/2017 8:44:21 PM IT Pros, want to automate redundant tasks and do it right the first time? Learn how to turn your real-time management and automation scripts into useful reusable tools and cmdlets. Use PowerShell to better create, query, update, delete, and manage your Active Directory. You might be surprised at how straightforward it is. You can even use it for forensic data investigation, learn what was changed and when, and manage your environment in scale.<br /><a target=_blank href=استفاده-از-پاورشل-در-اکتیو-دایرکتوری/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پذیرش تکنولوژی های متن باز به منظور شتاب بخشیدن و توسعه راه حل ها (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)پذیرش-تکنولوژی-های-متن-باز-به-منظور-شتاب-بخشیدن-و-توسعه-راه-حل-ها/374 1/5/2017 5:02:17 PM In this third in the series of Azure IaaS trainings for IT Pros, you'll learn open source for Azure. Walk with engineers through how to best deploy and manage a Linux environment with tools you know and use today. Learn how to use your existing Chef and Puppet configurations and how to scale new ones to massively scale and deploy your solution. Wrap the day with a look at the new capabilities of containerization with Docker. Join the conversation on Twitter using #LevelUpAzure, and talk about your open source training, or get tips and information from others who have used open source for Azure. Instructors | Rick Claus - Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist; Madhan Arumugam Ramakrishnan - Microsoft Azure Principal Lead Program Manager; Kundana Palagiri - Microsoft Program Manager; Kundana Palagiri - Microsoft Program Manager; Ahmet Alp Balkan - Microsoft Software Engineer; Sung Hsueh - Microsoft Senior Program Manager<br /><a target=_blank href=پذیرش-تکنولوژی-های-متن-باز-به-منظور-شتاب-بخشیدن-و-توسعه-راه-حل-ها/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مباحث پیشرفته Desired State Configuration (DSC) و منابع شخصی شده (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)مباحث-پیشرفته-Desired-State-Configuration-(DSC)-و-منابع-شخصی-شده/269 1/4/2017 8:41:38 PM Are you familiar with the basics of PowerShell Desired State Configuration? Ready for a deep dive into how you can use DSC for automated deployment and resource management? Watch another exciting session with Jeffrey Snover, Microsoft Distinguished Engineer and inventor of PowerShell, along with Windows PowerShell MVP Jason Helmick. These top experts offer an in-depth discussion of DSC custom resources and advanced configurations.<br /><a target=_blank href=مباحث-پیشرفته-Desired-State-Configuration-(DSC)-و-منابع-شخصی-شده/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آموزش کد نویسی با CODExist: تولد ربات ها (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)آموزش-کد-نویسی-با-CODExist:-تولد-ربات-ها/640 1/7/2017 7:36:26 PM Want to learn how to build a mobile game from scratch? Go from zero to coding in no time. If you participated in Hour of Code™ with TouchDevelop, you are familiar with this game. Build from scratch (not just fix!) a game that controls a crazy robot which is trying to make it through a maze of wacky obstacles. Take a step toward coexistence with code... CODExist!<br /><a target=_blank href=آموزش-کد-نویسی-با-CODExist:-تولد-ربات-ها/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تبادل ایمیل و دامین های مورد پذیرش SMB (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)تبادل-ایمیل-و-دامین-های-مورد-پذیرش-SMB/422 1/5/2017 7:00:46 PM Wondering about accepted domains? A single Office 365 tenancy can support numerous email domains, otherwise referred to as accepted domains. This course discusses the specifics of configuring email flow for accepted domains and how to troubleshoot email flow problems when dealing with them.<br /><a target=_blank href=تبادل-ایمیل-و-دامین-های-مورد-پذیرش-SMB/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ویندوز 10 و آفیس 2016 در دسک تاپ کلود (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)ویندوز-10-و-آفیس-2016-در-دسک-تاپ-کلود/195 1/3/2017 2:40:08 PM It’s time to upgrade your desktop experience. But how? In this session, explore the options and recommendations for deploying the latest Windows and Office desktop experience, and hear suggestions on how you can help minimize user issues. If you are wondering about reimaging, in-place upgrades, MSI, Click-to-Run, Current Branch, Current Branch for Business, and Long-Term Servicing Branches, this session is for you! <br /><a target=_blank href=ویندوز-10-و-آفیس-2016-در-دسک-تاپ-کلود/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> اپلیکیشن ها در Azure: قرار دادن همه آیتم ها در کنار هم (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)اپلیکیشن-ها-در-Azure:-قرار-دادن-همه-آیتم-ها-در-کنار-هم/137 1/3/2017 9:12:57 AM Building in the cloud requires a different approach from traditional application development but also comes with the benefit of many tested, scalable solutions ready for you to take advantage of. In this course, join the experts as they walk through building an application while exploring the parts of Microsoft Azure that make it easier to build great apps. <br /><a target=_blank href=اپلیکیشن-ها-در-Azure:-قرار-دادن-همه-آیتم-ها-در-کنار-هم/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ایجاد اپلیکیشن های میکروسرویس در Azure Service Fabric (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)ایجاد-اپلیکیشن-های-میکروسرویس-در-Azure-Service-Fabric/28 1/2/2017 3:40:47 PM Want to work with a distributed systems platform to build scalable, reliable, and easily managed applications for the cloud? Take this on-demand Azure Service Fabric course, and explore the free Windows component that works with any cloud, including Azure, Amazon, on-premises, and more. <br /><a target=_blank href=ایجاد-اپلیکیشن-های-میکروسرویس-در-Azure-Service-Fabric/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> راه اندازی آفیس 2013 توسط App-V (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)راه-اندازی-آفیس-2013-توسط-App-V/292 1/4/2017 9:36:25 PM If you'd like to learn about strategies for testing, deploying, and updating Office 2013 using App-V 5.0, including rollback options, explore the modules in this course. In addition, get a look at pitfalls and problems that can occur when deploying Office 2013 using App-V 5.0 to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 clients. Gain an understanding of the methodologies needed to provide a virtual Office experience that is on parity with a native Office experience.<br /><a target=_blank href=راه-اندازی-آفیس-2013-توسط-App-V/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دوره CCNA، روتینگ و سوئیچینگ (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)دوره-CCNA،-روتینگ-و-سوئیچینگ/668 2/27/2017 2:03:44 PM دوره CCNA ﺍﻭﻟﻴﻦ ﻭ ﺩﺭ ﻭﺍﻗﻊ ﭘﻴﺶ ﻧﻴﺎﺯ ﺳﺎﻳﺮ مدارک ﺳﻴﺴﻜﻮ ﺍﺳﺖ و ﺷﺎﻣﻞ ﺍﻃﻼﻋﺎﺕ ﭘﺎﻳﻪ ﺍﻯ ﺩﺭ ﻣﻮﺭﺩ ﺷﺒﻜﻪ های LAN، WAN ﻭ ﻧﺤﻮﻩ ﻧﺼﺐ ﻭ ﺭﺍﻩ ﺍﻧﺪﺍﺯﻯ ﺍﻳﻦ ﻧﻮﻉ ﺷﺒﻜﻪ ﻫﺎ ﺗﺎ ﺳﻄﺢ کوچک (ﺯﻳﺮ ﻳﻜﺼﺪ ﻛﺎﻣﭙﻴﻮﺗﺮ ﺩﺭ ﺷﺒﻜﻪ) ﻣﻰ ﺑﺎﺷﺪ. ﺩﺭ آموزش CCNA ﻣﻔﺎﻫﻴﻢ سوئیچینگ ﺭﻭﺗﻴﻨﮓ ﻭ ﻫﻤﭽﻨﻴﻦ ﻧﺤﻮﻩ ﻧﺼﺐ ﻭ ﺭﺍﻩ ﺍﻧﺪﺍﺯﻯ ﺳﻮﻳﻴﭻ ﻫﺎ ﻭ ﺭﻭﺗﺮﻫﺎﻯ ﺳﻴﺴﻜﻮ ﺩﺭ ﻻﻳﻪ ﻫﺎﻯ ﺩﻭﻡ ﻭ ﺳﻮﻡ ﺷﺒﻜﻪ ﻣﻮﺭﺩ ﺑﺮﺭﺳﻰ ﻗﺮﺍﺭ ﻣﻰ ﮔﻴﺮﺩ.<br /><a target=_blank href=دوره-CCNA،-روتینگ-و-سوئیچینگ/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پکیج ویندوز Azure: مراحل نصب سریع (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)پکیج-ویندوز-Azure:-مراحل-نصب-سریع/362 1/5/2017 4:41:26 PM What is Windows Azure Pack, and how can it help you? Find out in this walkthrough. Experience Windows Azure Pack virtual machine (VM) cloud, with minimal required resources, and build on the lessons in the Windows Azure Pack: Infrastructure as a Service Jump Start.<br /><a target=_blank href=پکیج-ویندوز-Azure:-مراحل-نصب-سریع/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تسلط بر سرویس Azure App، بخش 1: ایجاد Logic Apps در Azure (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)تسلط-بر-سرویس-Azure-App،-بخش-1:-ایجاد-Logic-Apps-در-Azure/26 1/2/2017 3:38:20 PM Want to see Azure Logic Apps in action? Join Wintellect and Microsoft for the first in a four-part series on Mastering Azure App Service. Learn how Azure Logic Apps provide a way to implement scalable integrations and workflows in the cloud. And see how they use connectors to link to data sources and triggers to initiate actions, conversions, and conditional logic. <br /><a target=_blank href=تسلط-بر-سرویس-Azure-App،-بخش-1:-ایجاد-Logic-Apps-در-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پیاده سازی آنالیز اطلاعات در کلان داده ها (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)پیاده-سازی-آنالیز-اطلاعات-در-کلان-داده-ها/516 1/6/2017 10:29:12 PM Working with big data? Need to make more sense of it, for your own information and for others in your organization? Watch this Jump Start to learn big data analysis and how to use Windows Azure HDInsight to process it. In addition, find out how to generate results for better big data analysis and reporting by using Microsoft data tools, including Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and Office. Instructor | Graeme Malcolm - Content Master Data Technology Specialist, Microsoft; Pete Harris - Microsoft Learning Product Planner<br /><a target=_blank href=پیاده-سازی-آنالیز-اطلاعات-در-کلان-داده-ها/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دیتابیس اس کیو ال برای اپلیکیشین های حساس تجاری (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)دیتابیس-اس-کیو-ال-برای-اپلیکیشین-های-حساس-تجاری/45 1/2/2017 4:22:17 PM Find out how the new Azure SQL Database model supports your need to build robust cloud apps. The relational database, based on resource governance, offers increased functionality and improved disaster recovery, and that's just the beginning! Watch a team of top experts as they help you decide which edition is the best fit for your organization. They also demonstrate the near-zero administration that makes it easy to develop your applications in the cloud.<br /><a target=_blank href=دیتابیس-اس-کیو-ال-برای-اپلیکیشین-های-حساس-تجاری/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مانیتورینگ عملکرد اپلیکیشن ها (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)مانیتورینگ-عملکرد-اپلیکیشن-ها/445 1/5/2017 7:45:11 PM Would you like an overview of the application performance monitoring (APM) solutions Microsoft has to offer for Operations and Development teams? Look no further. APM solutions offer your teams true insight into their applications.<br /><a target=_blank href=مانیتورینگ-عملکرد-اپلیکیشن-ها/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تفکر مجدد مالی: هوشمند سازی مالی برای سازمان های فروش (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)تفکر-مجدد-مالی:-هوشمند-سازی-مالی-برای-سازمان-های-فروش/505 1/6/2017 10:21:52 PM Want to transform your business reviews from static presentations to dynamic discussions, using technology you already know? Check out this course!<br /><a target=_blank href=تفکر-مجدد-مالی:-هوشمند-سازی-مالی-برای-سازمان-های-فروش/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> حرکت به سمت کلود هیبرید با Microsoft Azure (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)حرکت-به-سمت-کلود-هیبرید-با-Microsoft-Azure/382 1/5/2017 5:21:06 PM With Microsoft Azure and System Center 2012 R2, IT Pros who manage infrastructure can easily extend on-premises networks to the cloud—securely and seamlessly. Solve pressing IT issues with hybrid cloud solutions that you can implement today. In this Jump Start, explore how to manage more data without more hardware, protect data with off-site backups, and prepare for disaster recovery. Be sure to sign up for the free Microsoft Azure trial so you can follow the demos during the sessions.<br /><a target=_blank href=حرکت-به-سمت-کلود-هیبرید-با-Microsoft-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> نکات مهم در مدیریت سازمان های کوچک و متوسط بین المللی (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)نکات-مهم-در-مدیریت-سازمان-های-کوچک-و-متوسط-بین-المللی/187 1/3/2017 2:32:14 PM Prof. Shameen Prashantham discusses his international study, Dancing with Gorillas and takes lessons from it for SMEs when engaging with MNCs. He discusses key benefits, challenges and lessons for entrepreneurs. <br /><a target=_blank href=نکات-مهم-در-مدیریت-سازمان-های-کوچک-و-متوسط-بین-المللی/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> راه اندازی Site-to-Site VPN در Azure (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)راه-اندازی-Site-to-Site-VPN-در-Azure/219 1/3/2017 5:49:34 PM IT Pros, are you planning to expand your datacenter into the cloud or exploring the possibility? Want to learn what it would take? In this course, get the information you need. Experts Aleksandar Đorđević and Predrag Jelesijević walk you through an overview and explore key scenarios in Microsoft Azure and Windows Server. They even show you practical demos that explore, in detail, how to create a site-to-site (S2S) virtual private network (VPN) connection and how to connect a site-to-site VPN. Don't miss it!<br /><a target=_blank href=راه-اندازی-Site-to-Site-VPN-در-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مدیریت اسناد و لیست ها در SharePoint Online (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)مدیریت-اسناد-و-لیست-ها-در-SharePoint-Online/423 1/5/2017 7:01:58 PM Want to know how to get the best out of your SharePoint Library content? Content stored in document libraries and lists is the foundation of everything you do in SharePoint Online. Join us for these demo-rich sessions, and learn how a little preparation can go a long way!<br /><a target=_blank href=مدیریت-اسناد-و-لیست-ها-در-SharePoint-Online/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دفاع تمام قد از امنیت ویندوز 8.1 (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)دفاع-تمام-قد-از-امنیت-ویندوز-8.1/259 1/4/2017 8:29:56 PM Interested in security? Want to protect your data in the real world? See how Windows 8.1 addresses security as a whole system, one layer at a time. Explore methods of developing a secure baseline and how to harden your Windows Enterprise architectures from pass-the-hash and other advanced attacks.<br /><a target=_blank href=دفاع-تمام-قد-از-امنیت-ویندوز-8.1/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مدیریت Exchange 2013 با استفاده از EAC، پاورشل و RBAC (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)مدیریت-Exchange-2013-با-استفاده-از-EAC،-پاورشل-و-RBAC/271 1/4/2017 8:43:38 PM Have you been avoiding Role Based Administration and Control (RBAC)? Or do you think that RBAC only happens to the cool kids? Join Exchange experts Andi Conrad and Martin Coetzer for a detailed rundown of RBAC in Exchange Server 2013. <br /><a target=_blank href=مدیریت-Exchange-2013-با-استفاده-از-EAC،-پاورشل-و-RBAC/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> بررسی Enterprise Mobility Platform (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)بررسی-Enterprise-Mobility-Platform/165 1/3/2017 1:19:29 PM Is mobility the new normal? For most organizations, the answer is yes. Fifty-two percent of information workers use more than three devices, 90 percent of enterprise users have more than two operating systems, and 80 percent of employees use software that may or may not be approved in the organization. If you’re looking into enterprise mobility, join the experts for a holistic look at the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Platform (or Enterprise Mobility + Security, EMS). Go beyond mobile device management for an in-depth view of the supporting infrastructure. <br /><a target=_blank href=بررسی-Enterprise-Mobility-Platform/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مجازی سازی و مدیریت Exchange در پلت فرم کلود مایکروسافت (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)مجازی-سازی-و-مدیریت-Exchange-در-پلت-فرم-کلود-مایکروسافت/222 1/3/2017 6:01:18 PM You need to deliver a consistent and great user experience from anywhere, no matter the device. And you need to transform IT to deliver the business services that enable value. To help you meet these goals, Microsoft offers the Cloud OS, a unified platform built for modern business that allows you to manage Exchange in real time.<br /><a target=_blank href=مجازی-سازی-و-مدیریت-Exchange-در-پلت-فرم-کلود-مایکروسافت/><img width=200 src= /></a><br />