IT Virtual Academy مفاهیم پایه علوم دیتا و یادگیری ماشین (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)مفاهیم-پایه-علوم-دیتا-و-یادگیری-ماشین/500 1/6/2017 10:17:33 PM Interested in data science? Demand for data science talent is exploding. Learn the essentials, with experts from MIT and the industry, partnering with Microsoft, to help develop your career as a Data Scientist.<br /><a target=_blank href=مفاهیم-پایه-علوم-دیتا-و-یادگیری-ماشین/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پیاده سازی نسخه ProPlus آفیس 365 (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)پیاده-سازی-نسخه-ProPlus-آفیس-365/616 1/7/2017 4:21:53 PM Get the Office 365 ProPlus training you need. Learn about its features, and how click-to-run technology can help you and your organization. Be sure to watch watch this on-demand course – and learn Office 365 ProPlus from the pros.<br /><a target=_blank href=پیاده-سازی-نسخه-ProPlus-آفیس-365/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> رمز نگاری پیشرفته اطلاعات در ویندوز (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)رمز-نگاری-پیشرفته-اطلاعات-در-ویندوز/313 1/4/2017 11:19:39 PM Microsoft Premier Field Engineers step through a technical deep dive on Windows 8 Enhanced Data Encryption. This course focuses on Windows 8 and the new and improved data protection capabilities and addresses key insights, capabilities, and best practices for securing data on Windows 8 clients. In this course you will learn about BitLocker, BitLockerToGo, Encrypted File System, and troubleshooting best practices from the field.<br /><a target=_blank href=رمز-نگاری-پیشرفته-اطلاعات-در-ویندوز/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تیم متخصصان IT مایکروسافت چگونه محیط داخلی شیرپوینت را مدیریت می کند؟ (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)تیم-متخصصان-IT-مایکروسافت-چگونه-محیط-داخلی-شیرپوینت-را-مدیریت-می-کند؟/402 1/5/2017 6:23:10 PM Wondering how Microsoft IT governs SharePoint? SharePoint Online hosts more than 200,000 team sites, personal sites, and portals internally at Microsoft, and this can be challenging to manage.<br /><a target=_blank href=تیم-متخصصان-IT-مایکروسافت-چگونه-محیط-داخلی-شیرپوینت-را-مدیریت-می-کند؟/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> شروع کار با ربات ها (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)شروع-کار-با-ربات-ها/27 1/2/2017 3:39:23 PM Want to learn what bots and Microsoft Bot Framework can offer? Interactive chat services via bots are among the most exciting emerging technologies. By creating a bot, you can allow your customers and users to interact with you through channels they're already using, such as Slack and Facebook. You can create a bot so that customers can book appointments, investigate services, receive support, and more. <br /><a target=_blank href=شروع-کار-با-ربات-ها/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آموزش کاربردی Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)آموزش-کاربردی-Microsoft-Dynamics-SL-2015/514 1/6/2017 10:27:42 PM If you'd like a high-level overview of what Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 offers, be sure to watch this course. Jeff Suwyn, Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft Dynamics SL, introduces basic concepts and elements used throughout the application. Jeff has more than 18 years of experience with the product, and was previously involved as a product consultant and has done custom development work for Microsoft Dynamics SL.<br /><a target=_blank href=آموزش-کاربردی-Microsoft-Dynamics-SL-2015/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ارائه Elastic Data Warehouse به عنوان یک سرویس (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)ارائه-Elastic-Data-Warehouse-به-عنوان-یک-سرویس/556 1/7/2017 1:43:31 PM Want an overview of the newly announced Azure SQL Data Warehouse? Dive into the system’s architecture, and get answers to key questions, like how to scale the service quickly, what some of the challenges with separated storage and compute are, and what's possible next.<br /><a target=_blank href=ارائه-Elastic-Data-Warehouse-به-عنوان-یک-سرویس/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پیشنهادات قانونی در استارت یک بیزنس جدید (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)پیشنهادات-قانونی-در-استارت-یک-بیزنس-جدید/200 1/3/2017 2:47:18 PM Stef Grobelaar will discuss the legal necessities to bear in mind when entrepreneurs wish to start their own businesses. <br /><a target=_blank href=پیشنهادات-قانونی-در-استارت-یک-بیزنس-جدید/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> کار با تکنولوژی های تحت وب (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)کار-با-تکنولوژی-های-تحت-وب/68 1/2/2017 6:24:03 PM If you're interested in being a Web Developer but you’re not sure where to start, we have just the course for you. In today’s fast-changing world of technology, navigating the languages, frameworks, platforms, and even the vocabulary can seem confusing. Clear up the confusion with popular experts Michael Choi of Coding Dojo and Christopher Harrison of Microsoft, as they walk you through the basic concepts of web development. <br /><a target=_blank href=کار-با-تکنولوژی-های-تحت-وب/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> نکات پشتیبانی از Project Online (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)نکات-پشتیبانی-از-Project-Online/416 1/5/2017 6:56:17 PM Office 365 Support Corner is an ongoing series of on-demand courses that cover leading Office 365 support issues. ​Check out this course on Project Online, the newest member of the Project family. Find out what this subscription service is and what it isn't, and learn what you need to know to get up and running with Project Online smoothly and quickly.<br /><a target=_blank href=نکات-پشتیبانی-از-Project-Online/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> محافظت از Endpoint ها در Configuration Manager 2012 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)محافظت-از-Endpoint-ها-در-Configuration-Manager-2012/255 1/4/2017 8:20:20 PM If you would like an overview of Endpoint Protection in System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (SCCM), this is your course. Microsoft IT Pro Evangelist Morgan Webb takes you through planning, configuration, and operations of Endpoint Protection. Plus, learn about prerequisites, hear best practices, and explore deployment maintenance.<br /><a target=_blank href=محافظت-از-Endpoint-ها-در-Configuration-Manager-2012/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ذخیره اطلاعات و پردازش ها در کلود (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)ذخیره-اطلاعات-و-پردازش-ها-در-کلود/550 1/7/2017 1:17:26 PM If you’d like insight into data storage and processing in the cloud, be sure to check out this helpful cloud training course. Get a look at the Microsoft storage strategy, starting with on-premises storage and the company's investments in server storage. Explore hybrid cloud storage, and then dive into public cloud storage. Learn about Microsoft Azure data services, and take a deep look at Azure disks and Azure files.<br /><a target=_blank href=ذخیره-اطلاعات-و-پردازش-ها-در-کلود/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> راه اندازی لینوکس در محیط Azure (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)راه-اندازی-لینوکس-در-محیط-Azure/348 1/5/2017 2:44:44 PM Are you using cloud solutions with Linux? Interested in running Linux in Microsoft Azure? Check out this course, which includes the information you need for working with Linux virtual machines (VMs) in Azure, even if you are not yet familiar with the Microsoft cloud. This advanced, demo-rich course offers many practical recommendations for your virtualization and cloud strategy.<br /><a target=_blank href=راه-اندازی-لینوکس-در-محیط-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مباحث امنیتی ذخیره سازی دیتا در دیتابیس SQL در محیط Azure (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)مباحث-امنیتی-ذخیره-سازی-دیتا-در-دیتابیس-SQL-در-محیط-Azure/339 1/5/2017 12:14:02 PM If you’re interested in the security and data management features found in Microsoft Azure SQL Database, be sure to take this course. First, get a look at the foundation for data security in the cloud provided by Azure. Then, explore the techniques and features used to manage data access in SQL Database and to log and monitor database activity. Plus, learn how Azure SQL Database protects data at rest and in transit and how you can build secure applications.<br /><a target=_blank href=مباحث-امنیتی-ذخیره-سازی-دیتا-در-دیتابیس-SQL-در-محیط-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> طراحی Web API (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)طراحی-Web-API/80 1/2/2017 6:36:04 PM Have questions about ASP.NET Web API? Whether you're brand new to the framework or you want to take your design to the next level, this course has the answers! Experts Christopher Harrison and Jeremy Likness walk you through Web API technology, uses, and nuances. See how the toolset makes it easy to build consumable RESTful services, accessible by a variety of clients from myriad platforms.<br /><a target=_blank href=طراحی-Web-API/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تکنیک های سرویس دهی مداوم: VS ALM DevOps (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)تکنیک-های-سرویس-دهی-مداوم:-VS-ALM-DevOps/147 1/3/2017 9:44:33 AM ​Does your organization release software manually, with time-consuming outages and difficult processes? Do you lack project-to-project standards, or do you have different processes for different environments? These challenges in releasing software can threaten the bottom line. Continuous delivery is quickly becoming the standard to resolve these issues. But how do you implement that standard?<br /><a target=_blank href=تکنیک-های-سرویس-دهی-مداوم:-VS-ALM-DevOps/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آنالیز کلان داده ها با HDInsight: Hadoop در Azure (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)آنالیز-کلان-داده-ها-با-HDInsight:-Hadoop-در-Azure/531 1/6/2017 11:02:00 PM Would you like to make sense of the volumes of data, and to use that data to streamline your workload? You can visualize your data and make it work for you. Find out how with leading experts on big data analytics with Hadoop and Microsoft Azure HDInsight. HDInsight is a managed service deployment of Hadoop, which makes it easier to query, ingest, and publish data and to create workflows<br /><a target=_blank href=آنالیز-کلان-داده-ها-با-HDInsight:-Hadoop-در-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مجازی سازی دسک تاپ با تکنولوژی مایکروسافت (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)مجازی-سازی-دسک-تاپ-با-تکنولوژی-مایکروسافت/223 1/3/2017 6:02:02 PM If you're thinking about desktop virtualization, check out this course. Get the details on applicable Microsoft technologies. Explore user state virtualization, along with applications and operating system virtualization. If you're thinking about desktop virtualization, check out this course. Get the details on applicable Microsoft technologies. Explore user state virtualization, along with applications and operating system virtualization. Learn about desktop virtualization technologies (DVT), compare VDI deployments, and explore the benefits.<br /><a target=_blank href=مجازی-سازی-دسک-تاپ-با-تکنولوژی-مایکروسافت/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مفاهیم CRM در سازمان های کوچک و متوسط (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)مفاهیم-CRM-در-سازمان-های-کوچک-و-متوسط/197 1/3/2017 2:42:09 PM Wynand Roos discusses the importance of CRM in small businesses. He also discusses campaign management and how to keep in touch with customers from anywhere. <br /><a target=_blank href=مفاهیم-CRM-در-سازمان-های-کوچک-و-متوسط/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> برنامه نویسی در محیط ویندوز 10 برای مبتدیان (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)برنامه-نویسی-در-محیط-ویندوز-10-برای-مبتدیان/103 1/2/2017 7:33:57 PM If you'd like to create Windows 10 apps on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and you have some experience with C#, these sessions are for you. Follow along with the coding exercises, as you learn key techniques and concepts. <br /><a target=_blank href=برنامه-نویسی-در-محیط-ویندوز-10-برای-مبتدیان/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مجازی سازی لینوکس در ویندوز سرور 2012 R2 (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)مجازی-سازی-لینوکس-در-ویندوز-سرور-2012-R2/452 1/5/2017 8:23:29 PM Want to virtualize Linux workloads in Windows Server 2012 R2? These days, it seems like datacenters are a mix of technologies. They have evolved, with new technologies and standards cropping up all the time (OSS and proprietary alike). Although this isn't a bad thing, it's definitely a challenge.<br /><a target=_blank href=مجازی-سازی-لینوکس-در-ویندوز-سرور-2012-R2/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> برنامه نویسی Universal Windows Apps با C# و XAML (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)برنامه-نویسی-Universal-Windows-Apps-با-C#-و-XAML/20 1/2/2017 1:14:11 PM Get real-world guidance for developing creating universal Windows apps, and save yourself valuable time when creating developing an apps for today’s mobile workforce and consumer marketplace. Learn from Microsoft experts as they build a working app using XAML and C# development tools and techniques that can give you a dramatic advantage as a developerwhen targeting both Windows and Windows Phone devices. See what's smart to share and what's not, when developing for the two platforms. Explore a broad range of features, covering both consumer and enterprise scenarios.<br /><a target=_blank href=برنامه-نویسی-Universal-Windows-Apps-با-C#-و-XAML/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ایجاد وب اپلیکیشن توسط Ember (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)ایجاد-وب-اپلیکیشن-توسط-Ember/70 1/2/2017 6:25:38 PM Would you like help creating single-page applications (SPAs)? Maybe you've worked with tools like jQuery and AJAX, but what about Ember? With a simple syntax and an emphasis on reuse and components, this JavaScript framework can make it very easy to create interactive pages. Get a close look at Ember, plus lots of demos and practical tips, with popular experts Adam Tuliper and Christopher Harrison. <br /><a target=_blank href=ایجاد-وب-اپلیکیشن-توسط-Ember/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> امکانات Azure برای متخصصان IT، سری محتوا: شبکه های مجازی (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)امکانات-Azure-برای-متخصصان-IT،-سری-محتوا:-شبکه-های-مجازی/326 1/5/2017 11:50:22 AM Exploring environments for your virtual machines and applications? Check out this practical Microsoft Azure Virtual Network course, one in a series of Azure training courses hosted by MVP Corey Hynes.<br /><a target=_blank href=امکانات-Azure-برای-متخصصان-IT،-سری-محتوا:-شبکه-های-مجازی/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مدیریت مالی در Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)مدیریت-مالی-در-Microsoft-Dynamics-SL-2015/513 1/6/2017 10:27:13 PM This course introduces key functionality in the financial modules, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Cash Manager for Microsoft Dynamics SL. Jeff Suwyn, Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft Dynamics SL, presents information on the financial modules, and shares his insight on the key features and functionality available in these modules. Jeff has more than 18 years of experience with the product, and was previously involved as a product consultant and has done custom development work for Microsoft Dynamics SL.<br /><a target=_blank href=مدیریت-مالی-در-Microsoft-Dynamics-SL-2015/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ویندوز سرور 2012 R2: بهینه سازی های اکتیو دایرکتوری (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)ویندوز-سرور-2012-R2:-بهینه-سازی-های-اکتیو-دایرکتوری/456 1/5/2017 8:26:03 PM Interested in Active Directory enhancements within Windows Server 2012 R2? Join us for a detailed look. Explore the options for deploying domain controllers using the new Server Manager and using both the GUI and Windows PowerShell. Hear about the new Active Directory Management tool, and use its Windows PowerShell History Viewer.<br /><a target=_blank href=ویندوز-سرور-2012-R2:-بهینه-سازی-های-اکتیو-دایرکتوری/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تسلط بر Node.js : دوره مقدماتی (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)تسلط-بر-Node.js-:-دوره-مقدماتی/63 1/2/2017 6:16:31 PM Ready to dive into Node.js? This open-source, event-driven runtime for developing web applications on a variety of platforms is taking the programming community by storm. Join Eric Greene for the first of a seven-part series on mastering Node.js. <br /><a target=_blank href=تسلط-بر-Node.js-:-دوره-مقدماتی/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مفاهیم C# برای برنامه نویسان مبتدی (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)مفاهیم-C#-برای-برنامه-نویسان-مبتدی/154 1/3/2017 10:12:34 AM Want to learn a different programming language? C# is a great place to start. Step through 24 practical and easy-to-understand C# training episodes, with our talented friend Bob Tabor, from Developer University, as he teaches you the fundamentals of C# programming. Tune in to learn the basics of the C# language, and learn to apply them in your programming endeavors, like video games, mobile environments, and client apps. <br /><a target=_blank href=مفاهیم-C#-برای-برنامه-نویسان-مبتدی/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> سناریوهای شیرپوینت و آفیس 365 متصل به کلود (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)سناریوهای-شیرپوینت-و-آفیس-365-متصل-به-کلود/398 1/5/2017 6:18:03 PM Would you like to make the most of Office 365 innovation by bringing cloud innovation to your on-premises SharePoint infrastructure? Cloud computing has become a popular and successful computing model that enables organizations to reduce their capital and operational expenditures, renew IT innovation, and gain the advantage of more rapid software delivery to meet their business needs.<br /><a target=_blank href=سناریوهای-شیرپوینت-و-آفیس-365-متصل-به-کلود/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ارزیابی آسیب پذیری اپلیکیشن: بخش 2: 10 OWASP مهم (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)ارزیابی-آسیب-پذیری-اپلیکیشن:-بخش-2:-10-OWASP-مهم/242 1/4/2017 6:27:50 PM Want to build on the foundation of the first course in the Application Vulnerability Analysis series? Be sure to check out Part 2, as expert Bill Sempf walks through the OWASP Top 10 and demonstrates how he tests for common vulnerabilities using WebGoat and other tools. It’s a must-see for Software Developers who don’t have a PhD in software security. <br /><a target=_blank href=ارزیابی-آسیب-پذیری-اپلیکیشن:-بخش-2:-10-OWASP-مهم/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> امکانات جدید ویندوز سرور 2016 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)امکانات-جدید-ویندوز-سرور-2016/206 1/3/2017 5:27:45 PM Considering Windows Server 2016? In this helpful course, get the details about the features and functionality that have been added to this new version of Windows Server, along with those that were modified from previous versions. <br /><a target=_blank href=امکانات-جدید-ویندوز-سرور-2016/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پلت فرم دیتا در Azure چگونه به سازمان های بزرگ و مهم کمک می کند؟ (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)پلت-فرم-دیتا-در-Azure-چگونه-به-سازمان-های-بزرگ-و-مهم-کمک-می-کند؟/334 1/5/2017 12:02:04 PM At Microsoft, Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs (CELA) manages hundreds of millions of invoices, customer purchase orders, patents, copyrights, trademarks, and global migration data, which can be challenging. In this webinar, Jaydeep Baliram Sawant, Senior Software Engineering Manager, and Krishna Sagar, Program Manager, show you how Microsoft IT uses Microsoft Azure data services and analytics tools to ensure that CELA has an effective and scalable data platform.<br /><a target=_blank href=پلت-فرم-دیتا-در-Azure-چگونه-به-سازمان-های-بزرگ-و-مهم-کمک-می-کند؟/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پلت فرم های کلودهای هیبرید توسط SQL Server 2014 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)پلت-فرم-های-کلودهای-هیبرید-توسط-SQL-Server-2014/360 1/5/2017 4:25:10 PM IT Pros, are you curious about how moving to the cloud might give your organization cost benefits, with greater scale and flexibility? But does that move sound scary? Join this group of Microsoft experts who will show you how to take that journey to the cloud one step at a time. Learn how your organization can use SQL Server 2014 to create a hybrid environment and move from an on-premises data center at your own pace.<br /><a target=_blank href=پلت-فرم-های-کلودهای-هیبرید-توسط-SQL-Server-2014/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مدیریت SharePoint On-Premises در مقایسه با SharePoint Online (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)مدیریت-SharePoint-On-Premises-در-مقایسه-با-SharePoint-Online/574 1/7/2017 2:06:12 PM What are the major administrative differences between SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online? Find out, in this helpful course.<br /><a target=_blank href=مدیریت-SharePoint-On-Premises-در-مقایسه-با-SharePoint-Online/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> سازمان دهی اطلاعات و سرویس ها توسط Azure Data Factory (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)سازمان-دهی-اطلاعات-و-سرویس-ها-توسط-Azure-Data-Factory/527 1/6/2017 10:54:59 PM Are you a BI or data professional, or maybe an aspiring data scientist? If you’re exploring data orchestration concepts, check out this course on the basic capabilities of Azure Data Factory (ADF), a cloud-based data integration service. Find out how it can help you with your big data and machine learning projects, get an overview of advanced analytics, and see how Azure Data Factory fits into the Cortana Analytics Suite. Plus, learn how to operate a data factory as part of an analytics solution to bring all of your data together and to scale it out.<br /><a target=_blank href=سازمان-دهی-اطلاعات-و-سرویس-ها-توسط-Azure-Data-Factory/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آموزش کاربردی مدیریت SQL Server 2012 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)آموزش-کاربردی-مدیریت-SQL-Server-2012/488 1/6/2017 8:27:08 PM This Jump Start helps current and aspiring data professionals understand the process of administering SQL Server 2012 databases. It helps you prepare for Exam 70-462, a component of the MCSA: SQL Server certification, and it is the prerequisite for the Implementing a Data Warehouse with SQL Server Jump Start course. These SQL Server 2012 training videosJump Start focuses on security, data management, and disaster recovery/high availability, along with their implications for the configuration of the enterprise. The courseIt includes demos on storage design and capacity configuration, security configuration, optimization of the instance, and automation.<br /><a target=_blank href=آموزش-کاربردی-مدیریت-SQL-Server-2012/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> طراحی وب سایت با کمک پایتون و Django (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)طراحی-وب-سایت-با-کمک-پایتون-و-Django/77 1/2/2017 6:33:02 PM Do you have Python experience and want to get into web development? Or maybe you are experienced in web development and curious about other platforms. Either way, this course has answers, demos, and practical tips for you, as you add another tool to your technology tool belt. <br /><a target=_blank href=طراحی-وب-سایت-با-کمک-پایتون-و-Django/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آشنایی و کار حرفه ای با Hyper-V (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)آشنایی-و-کار-حرفه-ای-با-Hyper-V/235 1/3/2017 6:53:31 PM This eight-hour Introduction to Hyper-V course is designed for IT Pros who are experienced in virtualization (i.e., VMware, Citrix) but in who want learn how to leverage Hyper-V to perform essential tasks in the Windows Server 2012 platform. <br /><a target=_blank href=آشنایی-و-کار-حرفه-ای-با-Hyper-V/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ساخت اپلیکیشن های Open Source بزرگ (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)ساخت-اپلیکیشن-های-Open-Source-بزرگ/141 1/3/2017 9:26:15 AM The modern way of development requires frequent changes not only to the application itself but also to your environments. And those changes demand a set of tools that make those tasks shareable, configurable, and repeatable. <br /><a target=_blank href=ساخت-اپلیکیشن-های-Open-Source-بزرگ/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آشنایی کاربردی با Hour of Code (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)آشنایی-کاربردی-با-Hour-of-Code/19 1/2/2017 1:13:41 PM Want to help introduce programming to millions of students? Be part of the largest learning event in the world by leading a group of students through an introductory Hour of Code™ learning experience provided by Microsoft. This course prepares you to do just that, providing you with presentation materials, a script, and train-the-trainer guidance to be ready to lead your own group of students through their first Hour of Code™.<br /><a target=_blank href=آشنایی-کاربردی-با-Hour-of-Code/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> امنیت با کسپرسکی 2017 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)امنیت-با-کسپرسکی-2017/670 3/1/2017 12:04:42 PM کسپرسکی یک مجموعه نرم‌افزاری امنیت اینترنت است. این نرم‌افزار روی سیستم‌عامل ویندوز اجرا می‌شود و قابلیت شناسایی و از بین بردن بدافزارها و همچنین مقابله با هرزنامه‌های ایمیلی، حملات فیشینگ و سرقت اطلاعات را دارد.<br /><a target=_blank href=امنیت-با-کسپرسکی-2017/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دیتابیس اس کیو ال برای اپلیکیشین های حساس تجاری (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)دیتابیس-اس-کیو-ال-برای-اپلیکیشین-های-حساس-تجاری/45 1/2/2017 4:22:17 PM Find out how the new Azure SQL Database model supports your need to build robust cloud apps. The relational database, based on resource governance, offers increased functionality and improved disaster recovery, and that's just the beginning! Watch a team of top experts as they help you decide which edition is the best fit for your organization. They also demonstrate the near-zero administration that makes it easy to develop your applications in the cloud.<br /><a target=_blank href=دیتابیس-اس-کیو-ال-برای-اپلیکیشین-های-حساس-تجاری/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> همه چیز درباره IPv6 (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)همه-چیز-درباره-IPv6/461 1/5/2017 8:30:29 PM Have you deployed or are you planning to deploy Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) on your Windows-based network? If you find it confusing, you’re definitely not alone! Get your questions answered on this must-know technology for IT Pros, and clear up the confusion, in this helpful and practical course. Learn how Microsoft supports IPv6 in the latest version of Windows, across its server products and in Office 365, with experts Ed Horley and Joe Davies, who literally wrote the books on IPv6.<br /><a target=_blank href=همه-چیز-درباره-IPv6/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> اتومات سازی برنامه ریزی شما به منظور تاثیر گذاری بیشتر در سازمان (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)اتومات-سازی-برنامه-ریزی-شما-به-منظور-تاثیر-گذاری-بیشتر-در-سازمان/139 1/3/2017 9:16:14 AM Interested in using PowerShell to administer cloud environments? Don’t miss this course! Get an introduction to PowerShell, and hear specific instructions on how to use it. Explore the concepts of test automation and the desired state configuration, and step through what it looks like to build the configuration for your servers. Plus, learn how to use a new capability, called Pester, to write test scripts in PowerShell and how to run PowerShell in the cloud. <br /><a target=_blank href=اتومات-سازی-برنامه-ریزی-شما-به-منظور-تاثیر-گذاری-بیشتر-در-سازمان/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مهاجرت از ویندوز XP به ویندوز 8.1 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)مهاجرت-از-ویندوز-XP-به-ویندوز-8.1/303 1/4/2017 11:10:42 PM Need help with the transition from Windows XP to Windows 8.1? In this course, Microsoft Technical Lead Kyle Rosenthal walks you through the various challenges of the upgrade, ensuring you a seamless transition to the new Windows 8.1. Get to know the tools that will help you with the move and that can continue to help you as you use Windows 8.1.<br /><a target=_blank href=مهاجرت-از-ویندوز-XP-به-ویندوز-8.1/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> DocumentDB در Azure: مقیاسی جهانی از NoSQL (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)در-Azure:-مقیاسی-جهانی-از-NoSQL/537 1/7/2017 1:02:57 PM Intrigued by Azure DocumentDB, the fully managed, planet-scale NoSQL database service from Microsoft? Watch a team of experts cover the mechanics of DocumentDB, explain the various levers available to tune performance and scale, and dive deep into the service’s core features.<br /><a target=_blank href=در-Azure:-مقیاسی-جهانی-از-NoSQL/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> امکانات Azure برای توسعه دهندگان NodeJs (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)امکانات-Azure-برای-توسعه-دهندگان-NodeJs/568 1/7/2017 1:52:07 PM During the last years, Node.JS became popular among new class of developers who prefers paradigm of asynchronous programming. Microsoft Azure cloud is op to all languages. It doesn’t matter if your applications are built on Node.js, ASP.NET, Java or PHP because it provides end-to-end infrastructure for them. Cloud concept such as agility lets you quickly realize your new ideas and easily turn down those, which does not commercialize. During this course, you will learn Microsoft Azure in the context of Node.JS. We will demonstrate the main aspects that any developer needs to know to build cloud application. This content goes beyond the basics, contains lots of demos and practical recommendations.<br /><a target=_blank href=امکانات-Azure-برای-توسعه-دهندگان-NodeJs/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دوره کاربردی امنیت در Azure برای متخصصان IT (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)دوره-کاربردی-امنیت-در-Azure-برای-متخصصان-IT/253 1/4/2017 8:16:29 PM ​Do IT security concerns keep you up at night? You're not alone! Many IT Pros want to extend their organization's infrastructure but need reassurance about security. Whether you are researching a hybrid or a public cloud model with Microsoft Azure, the question remains the same: Does the solution meet your own personal and your organization's bar for security, including industry standards, attestations, and ISO certifications?<br /><a target=_blank href=دوره-کاربردی-امنیت-در-Azure-برای-متخصصان-IT/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تست توسعه نرم افزار توسط ویژوال استودیو و Azure (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)تست-توسعه-نرم-افزار-توسط-ویژوال-استودیو-و-Azure/44 1/2/2017 4:21:04 PM Devs, want a deep dive into the dev/test portion of DevOps and application lifecycle management (ALM)? Explore modern tools for unit testing, functional UI testing, load testing, and more, see helpful demos on debugging Azure workloads using Visual Studio, and learn about the fundamentals of source control in TFS.<br /><a target=_blank href=تست-توسعه-نرم-افزار-توسط-ویژوال-استودیو-و-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ارتقاء مهارت های مدیریتی شما به SQL Server 2014 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)ارتقاء-مهارت-های-مدیریتی-شما-به-SQL-Server-2014/489 1/6/2017 8:27:47 PM Do you manage online transaction processing (OLTP) database workloads? Want to learn about the new and enhanced capabilities in SQL Server 2014 to help you do so? Watch this course to learn about enhancements and capabilities new to SQL Server and the Microsoft data platform since the release of SQL Server 2008.<br /><a target=_blank href=ارتقاء-مهارت-های-مدیریتی-شما-به-SQL-Server-2014/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> افزایش بهره وری با آفیس 365 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)افزایش-بهره-وری-با-آفیس-365/625 1/7/2017 4:28:49 PM If you're wondering how small businesses can use the tools available in Office 365 to improve their business productivity, take this demo-rich course. Get instruction on how to create shipping labels from business data, produce effective business reports, and maintain important information for your business. In addition, see how to identify top customers, create special offers, identify customer buying patterns, use mail merge to send out critical emails, and schedule generic communications to prospects.<br /><a target=_blank href=افزایش-بهره-وری-با-آفیس-365/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> معرفی ابزارهای جدید Azure در Visual Studio 2015 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)معرفی-ابزارهای-جدید-Azure-در-Visual-Studio-2015/138 1/3/2017 9:14:11 AM Wondering about the available options for doing Microsoft Azure development? Be sure to check out this course. Get a look at Visual Studio 2015, along with App Services, Connected Services, and PowerShell editing. Plus, examine the Azure SDK and the new tooling around Docker. <br /><a target=_blank href=معرفی-ابزارهای-جدید-Azure-در-Visual-Studio-2015/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> چگونه تبدیل به یک کاربر قدرت مند در Visio 2013 شویم؟ بخش 1 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)چگونه-تبدیل-به-یک-کاربر-قدرت-مند-در-Visio-2013-شویم؟-بخش-1/427 1/5/2017 7:04:51 PM Sure, you know how to use Visio, but can you really make it sing and dance? Find out how! In this course, which is the first in a 3-part series, learn multiple ways to build diagrams more effectively and to create more powerful drawings. ​Examine how to create hyperlinks to external locations, which is one of the most significant ways to enhance the value of a Visio diagram.<br /><a target=_blank href=چگونه-تبدیل-به-یک-کاربر-قدرت-مند-در-Visio-2013-شویم؟-بخش-1/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آنالیز اطلاعات در Azure برای توسعه دهندگان (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)آنالیز-اطلاعات-در-Azure-برای-توسعه-دهندگان/538 1/7/2017 1:03:38 PM Want to learn about cutting-edge data science technologies—Azure Machine Learning and Azure Stream Analytics? Join experts Christopher Harrison and Jeff Prosise for this course, which is part of an exciting new series from Wintellect and Microsoft, and see how these technologies can help you, as a developer, to build more intelligent apps.<br /><a target=_blank href=آنالیز-اطلاعات-در-Azure-برای-توسعه-دهندگان/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تست در محیط ویژوال استودیو (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)تست-در-محیط-ویژوال-استودیو/129 1/3/2017 9:01:05 AM Do you work with C# or C++ and want to make your tests even better? Whether you are a seasoned developer/tester or are just starting out, join us for a look at the tools available for automated and manual testing in Visual Studio 2015 and Microsoft Test Manager 2015. Explore features rather than theories, in this Visual Studio training. <br /><a target=_blank href=تست-در-محیط-ویژوال-استودیو/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> در نظر گرفتن استراتژی های تجاری به منظور ارتقاء بیزنس (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)در-نظر-گرفتن-استراتژی-های-تجاری-به-منظور-ارتقاء-بیزنس/185 1/3/2017 2:29:39 PM Cameron Burt provides small business owners with key business operations points to consider when starting a business. He then provides entrepreneurs with advice regarding their business strategy. <br /><a target=_blank href=در-نظر-گرفتن-استراتژی-های-تجاری-به-منظور-ارتقاء-بیزنس/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ریست رمز عبور به صورت Self Service در آفیس 365 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)ریست-رمز-عبور-به-صورت-Self-Service-در-آفیس-365/256 1/4/2017 8:21:21 PM Join us in this fast-paced demo on how to set up and use Office 365 Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) capabilities. Experts walk you through a brief overview on SSPR, then show you how to perform SSPR, change SSPR user settings, and perform password write-back. Don't miss it!<br /><a target=_blank href=ریست-رمز-عبور-به-صورت-Self-Service-در-آفیس-365/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> امکانات جدید ویندوز 8.1 در حوزه امنیت (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)امکانات-جدید-ویندوز-8.1-در-حوزه-امنیت/306 1/4/2017 11:12:25 PM In this course, you will learn from the Windows Engineering Leads about the advances in security for Windows 8.1 across the three core investment areas of modern access control, malware presence, and information protection. The course will dive into key topics, such as authentication and multifactor access control. Other topics include tamper resistance hardware through UEFI, TPM, pervasive encryption, and protecting corporate data in a "bring your own device" (BYOD) world.<br /><a target=_blank href=امکانات-جدید-ویندوز-8.1-در-حوزه-امنیت/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> افزایش فروش به کمک آفیس 365 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)افزایش-فروش-به-کمک-آفیس-365/624 1/7/2017 4:28:22 PM Find out how small businesses can use the tools available in Office 365 to increase their sales. In this demonstration-heavy course, get instruction on how to set up appointments with your customers, create sales presentations using PowerPoint templates, and use Excel charts to see sales trends and forecast sales. In addition, get the details on how to use mail merge to send the same email to multiple contacts and how to schedule generic weekly communications with prospects.<br /><a target=_blank href=افزایش-فروش-به-کمک-آفیس-365/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> محافظت از اطلاعات و دسترسی ها در ویندوز سرور 2012 R2 (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)محافظت-از-اطلاعات-و-دسترسی-ها-در-ویندوز-سرور-2012-R2/468 1/5/2017 8:40:31 PM The world of bring-your-own devices (BYOD) provides businesses and users with flexible and low-cost productivity and connection solutions. At the same time, it presents IT Pros and admins with serious challenges in securing their infrastructure. In this course you will learn how Windows Server 2012 R2 helps you provision, manage and secure these devices while creating a seamless experience for the user.<br /><a target=_blank href=محافظت-از-اطلاعات-و-دسترسی-ها-در-ویندوز-سرور-2012-R2/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> راهکارهای پیشرفته پیاده سازی سرور شیرپوینت (طراحی و برنامه نویسی وب : حرفه ای)راهکارهای-پیشرفته-پیاده-سازی-سرور-شیرپوینت/580 1/7/2017 2:09:21 PM Looking for information about how to incorporate SharePoint social networking features into your own application? Trying to call SharePoint Server search from the client? Aim to pass Exam 70-489: Developing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Advanced Solutions, part of the MCSD: SharePoint Applications certification, but don't know what to study? Want to enhance your Business Connectivity Services (BCS) implementation?<br /><a target=_blank href=راهکارهای-پیشرفته-پیاده-سازی-سرور-شیرپوینت/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> افزایش کیفیت T-SQL با اپراتور APPLY (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)افزایش-کیفیت-T-SQL-با-اپراتور-APPLY/637 1/7/2017 7:11:06 PM Need creative solutions to T-SQL issues? Get them from Itzik Ben-Gan, one of the world's foremost authorities, along with Microsoft Program Manager Umachandar Jayachandran. These experts demonstrate the APPLY operator, a T-SQL feature that can be used to solve a wide variety of problems. What's especially interesting about APPLY is how it can be used in conjunction with many T-SQL features. To demonstrate this aspect of APPLY, the session tracks the operator through time, discussing features that were initially introduced in different versions of SQL Server (7.0, like TOP, through 2012, like OFFSET-FETCH), some of which are widely used today. For each feature, the session describes its shortcomings and then shows how to use APPLY to overcome it and to improve the feature.<br /><a target=_blank href=افزایش-کیفیت-T-SQL-با-اپراتور-APPLY/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مفاهیم کاربردی اکسل 2013 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)مفاهیم-کاربردی-اکسل-2013/620 1/7/2017 4:25:40 PM The Microsoft Excel 2013 Essentials course guides students through typical Excel use and shows them how to get the most out of Excel features to work effectively and efficiently with workbooks, worksheets, formats, numeric and text functions, and charts.<br /><a target=_blank href=مفاهیم-کاربردی-اکسل-2013/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> نکات پیشتیبانی Project Online پیشرفته (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)نکات-پیشتیبانی-Project-Online-پیشرفته/417 1/5/2017 6:56:59 PM Office 365 Support Corner is an ongoing series of on-demand courses that cover leading Office 365 support issues. ​​If you have a new Project Online tenant, this is your opportunity to learn more about its capabilities and what you need to configure to deliver business value for your users. In this session, walk through the Project Management Office (PMO) level configuration necessary to support your business needs.<br /><a target=_blank href=نکات-پیشتیبانی-Project-Online-پیشرفته/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> XAML برای ویندوز 10: کنترل ها (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)برای-ویندوز-10:-کنترل-ها/140 1/3/2017 9:24:13 AM What are XAML controls, and how do you use them in Windows 10 app development? Join the experts for answers to these questions and more! Start with XAML controls basics, and see how to create a simple button control. Then, explore the concepts of commanding, binding, and adding events to controls on your UI. <br /><a target=_blank href=برای-ویندوز-10:-کنترل-ها/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> توسعه ویندوز 10 با استفاده از System Center Configuration Manager (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)توسعه-ویندوز-10-با-استفاده-از-System-Center-Configuration-Manager/180 1/3/2017 2:21:52 PM Looking to use System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to automate deployment of Windows 10? Join experts Aaron Czechowski and Wally Mead as they step you through it. Windows 10 represents a major paradigm shift for Microsoft and the Windows ecosystem in general as we modernize the platform by introducing “as a service” capabilities. Hundreds of millions of devices are already running Windows 10 today. Businesses are beginning to evaluate the new capabilities of Windows 10, including Windows as a service, as part of their deployment plans. With Windows 7 recently transitioning into extended support, businesses need to begin planning for the future of their Windows operating system environment. <br /><a target=_blank href=توسعه-ویندوز-10-با-استفاده-از-System-Center-Configuration-Manager/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> نکات مهم در مدیریت سازمان های کوچک و متوسط بین المللی (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)نکات-مهم-در-مدیریت-سازمان-های-کوچک-و-متوسط-بین-المللی/187 1/3/2017 2:32:14 PM Prof. Shameen Prashantham discusses his international study, Dancing with Gorillas and takes lessons from it for SMEs when engaging with MNCs. He discusses key benefits, challenges and lessons for entrepreneurs. <br /><a target=_blank href=نکات-مهم-در-مدیریت-سازمان-های-کوچک-و-متوسط-بین-المللی/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> همکاری آفیس 365 با OneDrive تجاری (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)همکاری-آفیس-365-با-OneDrive-تجاری/426 1/5/2017 7:04:05 PM Have you heard of the many benefits offered by​ OneDrive for Business? It’s the Microsoft solution for storing all of your work data in the cloud. As such, it is an integral part of Office 365 and SharePoint 2013. Watch these demo-rich sessions, and see the functionality and extensibility of OneDrive for Business, from an end-user perspective. Plus, see demos of administrative features, including managing sharing, external access, and enhancing OneDrive for Business with Apps for SharePoint.<br /><a target=_blank href=همکاری-آفیس-365-با-OneDrive-تجاری/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> ارتقاء به شیرپوینت 2013 (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)ارتقاء-به-شیرپوینت-2013/577 1/7/2017 2:07:41 PM Want to upgrade to SharePoint 2013? Walk through the necessary steps to perform an efficient and effective upgrade, with experts Brian Alderman and Christopher Harrison, and hear how Microsoft has enhanced the process.<br /><a target=_blank href=ارتقاء-به-شیرپوینت-2013/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> امنیت و مدیریت موثر توسط یک سیستم عامل در سایز نانو (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)امنیت-و-مدیریت-موثر-توسط-یک-سیستم-عامل-در-سایز-نانو/462 1/5/2017 8:31:39 PM Want an introduction to Nano Server? Now’s your chance! In building solutions for a cloud-first world of datacenters and applications, Microsoft seriously rethought the server operating system architecture. Meet Nano Server!<br /><a target=_blank href=امنیت-و-مدیریت-موثر-توسط-یک-سیستم-عامل-در-سایز-نانو/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> استفاده از ویژگی جستجو در Azure (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)استفاده-از-ویژگی-جستجو-در-Azure/40 1/2/2017 4:16:55 PM Want to add a great search experience to your apps and websites? Find out how to give your users the level of availability and efficiency they expect. Azure Search is one of the latest services delivered in Azure, and it's gaining global popularity, from the United States, to Canada, Albania, and beyond.<br /><a target=_blank href=استفاده-از-ویژگی-جستجو-در-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> کار با Unit Testing برای اپلیکیشن های موبایل (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)کار-با-Unit-Testing-برای-اپلیکیشن-های-موبایل/127 1/3/2017 8:58:59 AM Looking for information on unit testing basics? Check out this course! Unit testing thoroughly exercises units of code by calling them directly from test code and is typically the earliest form of automated testing. <br /><a target=_blank href=کار-با-Unit-Testing-برای-اپلیکیشن-های-موبایل/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دوره کاربردی OneDrive برای محصولات تجاری (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)دوره-کاربردی-OneDrive-برای-محصولات-تجاری/401 1/5/2017 6:22:00 PM Interested in the latest key innovations in OneDrive for Business, along with a detailed strategy update and roadmap? Don't miss this session. Walk through an overview of the new features delivered in the OneDrive for Business product experience, along with IT and developer tools, with lots of helpful demos. End the session with a clear view of the value that OneDrive for Business can offer your organization and a look at upcoming innovation.<br /><a target=_blank href=دوره-کاربردی-OneDrive-برای-محصولات-تجاری/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> Enterprise Mobility در مایکروسافت (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)در-مایکروسافت/337 1/5/2017 12:06:27 PM Interested in how Microsoft implements mobile solutions globally to support its 180,000 internal users? Be sure to take this IT Showcase course, as you continue your exploration of “how Microsoft does IT.” Get insight into the best practices Microsoft has employed to plan, design, deploy, and manage mobile solutions, and hear practical details from Microsoft IT subject matter experts (SMEs).<br /><a target=_blank href=در-مایکروسافت/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> کار با فرم ها در Xamarin (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)کار-با-فرم-ها-در-Xamarin/125 1/3/2017 8:50:38 AM Why is Xamarin.Forms so quickly becoming the go-to solution for writing apps that run on multiple platforms? For one, Xamarin.Forms lets you build cross-platform mobile apps that run on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone with business logic written in C# and UIs built in XAML. Moreover, Xamarin.Forms apps compile into native apps that are indistinguishable from apps written in Java and Objective-C. Get the details on these reasons and more, in this Xamarin.Forms training with expert Jeff Prosise. <br /><a target=_blank href=کار-با-فرم-ها-در-Xamarin/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> مدیریت گروه ها، Delve و Yammer در آفیس 365 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)مدیریت-گروه-ها،-Delve-و-Yammer-در-آفیس-365/414 1/5/2017 6:38:51 PM Are you interested in learning administration best practices to drive usage of Yammer, Office Graph, Delve, and Office 365 Groups at your organization? Be sure to check out this course! Explore Yammer enterprise activation and user management, Office 365 Group management, effective deployment of Office Graph and Delve, and hybrid support with SharePoint on-premises.<br /><a target=_blank href=مدیریت-گروه-ها،-Delve-و-Yammer-در-آفیس-365/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> یادگیری ماشین در محیط Azure (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)یادگیری-ماشین-در-محیط-Azure/510 1/6/2017 10:24:59 PM If you're not a data scientist, but you're interested in data mining and predictive analytics, and you want to go beyond just reporting the numbers, check out this course on Azure Machine Learning (ML). ML is the inexpensive, easy-to-access, and powerful predictive analytics offering from Microsoft.<br /><a target=_blank href=یادگیری-ماشین-در-محیط-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دوره کاربردی PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)دوره-کاربردی-PowerShell-Desired-State-Configuration-(DSC)/268 1/4/2017 8:40:10 PM Are you keeping up with PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC)? It's one of the fastest-moving technologies today. But more than that, it literally transforms how IT Implementers deploy and manage on-premises resources and those extended to hybrid and other cloud environments for both Windows and Linux. Get a solid foundation with this course, and build on it with "Advanced PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) and Custom Resources."<br /><a target=_blank href=دوره-کاربردی-PowerShell-Desired-State-Configuration-(DSC)/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آموزش کاربردی مدیریت ویژوال استودیو TFS 2012 (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)آموزش-کاربردی-مدیریت-ویژوال-استودیو-TFS-2012/153 1/3/2017 10:06:21 AM Learn how to make Team Foundation Server (TFS) better serve your team processes and the ways you communicate, with this course which follows the criteria for Exam 70-496, an important component of the MCSD: Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) certification. The person who sets up and customizes TFS infrastructure can learn how to better define the types of work items available and their attributes to fully leverage the Visual Studio TFS platform for ALM.<br /><a target=_blank href=آموزش-کاربردی-مدیریت-ویژوال-استودیو-TFS-2012/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دریافت بهترین عملکرد از نسخه آزمایشی آفیس 365 (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)دریافت-بهترین-عملکرد-از-نسخه-آزمایشی-آفیس-365/438 1/5/2017 7:18:50 PM IT Pros, if you are thinking about taking a look at Office 365 but you are not sure where to begin, this course walks through key scenarios you can try for yourself to get some hands-on experience. Follow along as experts take you through initial sign-up for the free trial, and then explore basic setup and configuration of Microsoft Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint.<br /><a target=_blank href=دریافت-بهترین-عملکرد-از-نسخه-آزمایشی-آفیس-365/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> سناریوها و الگوهای Azure Resource Manager (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)سناریوها-و-الگوهای-Azure-Resource-Manager/564 1/7/2017 1:49:44 PM If you have an Azure application with many components or if you're setting up an Azure deployment and you want a logical way to manage the pieces, you're probably already looking at Resource Groups. Find out how you can use Azure Resource Manager (ARM) as a tool help you manage those Resource Groups. Explore ARM with an international team of experts, who show you scripts and tools that make it easy to spin up or spin down elements of your application infrastructure in dev, test, or production.<br /><a target=_blank href=سناریوها-و-الگوهای-Azure-Resource-Manager/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> راهنمای مقدماتی برای برنامه نویسی اپلیکیشن موبایل (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)راهنمای-مقدماتی-برای-برنامه-نویسی-اپلیکیشن-موبایل/16 1/2/2017 1:12:08 PM Nothing motivates students more than the chance to build a mobile app that they care about and that they can immediately see, use, and share. Get insights from Windows Platform Developer MVP Lance McCarthy, as he helps students learn mobile app development using Windows App Studio and to then extend and enhance the app using Visual Studio.<br /><a target=_blank href=راهنمای-مقدماتی-برای-برنامه-نویسی-اپلیکیشن-موبایل/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آموزش کاربردی ایجاد اپ توسط HTML5 و jQuery (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)آموزش-کاربردی-ایجاد-اپ-توسط-HTML5-و-jQuery/86 1/2/2017 6:43:57 PM Want to know what exactly jQuery is and why it's so wildly popular? Get answers, and watch an exciting day of jQuery goodness hosted by Jeremy Foster and Rachel Appel, who teach you what it is, why you need it, and how you use it. (Spoiler alert: jQuery makes your dev work significantly easier, and it's inherently reactive!)<br /><a target=_blank href=آموزش-کاربردی-ایجاد-اپ-توسط-HTML5-و-jQuery/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> امکانات Azure برای متخصصان IT، سری محتوا: اکتیو دایرکتوری (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)امکانات-Azure-برای-متخصصان-IT،-سری-محتوا:-اکتیو-دایرکتوری/325 1/5/2017 11:49:33 AM Looking for details on identity and access management in the cloud? Don’t miss this helpful course, one in a series of Microsoft Azure training courses with MVP Corey Hynes, and get your Microsoft Azure Active Directory questions answered.<br /><a target=_blank href=امکانات-Azure-برای-متخصصان-IT،-سری-محتوا:-اکتیو-دایرکتوری/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> پک ویندوز Azure: زیر ساخت به عنوان سرویس IaaS (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)پک-ویندوز-Azure:-زیر-ساخت-به-عنوان-سرویس-IaaS/380 1/5/2017 5:16:48 PM IT Pros, you know that enterprises desire the flexibility and affordability of the cloud, and service providers want the ability to support more enterprise customers. This course is an exploration of Windows Azure Pack (WAP) infrastructure services (IaaS), which bring Microsoft Azure technologies to your data center (on your hardware) and build on the power of Windows Server and System Center to deliver an enterprise-class, cost-effective solution for self-service, multitenant cloud infrastructure and application services.<br /><a target=_blank href=پک-ویندوز-Azure:-زیر-ساخت-به-عنوان-سرویس-IaaS/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> آماده سازی سازمان های بزرگ به منظور پیاده سازی ویندوز 10 به عنوان سرویس (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)آماده-سازی-سازمان-های-بزرگ-به-منظور-پیاده-سازی-ویندوز-10-به-عنوان-سرویس/204 1/3/2017 2:52:14 PM What do you need to begin testing Windows 10 for your organization? Find out, in the fifth episode of the Enterprise Mobility Core Skills series. <br /><a target=_blank href=آماده-سازی-سازمان-های-بزرگ-به-منظور-پیاده-سازی-ویندوز-10-به-عنوان-سرویس/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> اپلیکیشن ها در Azure: قرار دادن همه آیتم ها در کنار هم (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)اپلیکیشن-ها-در-Azure:-قرار-دادن-همه-آیتم-ها-در-کنار-هم/137 1/3/2017 9:12:57 AM Building in the cloud requires a different approach from traditional application development but also comes with the benefit of many tested, scalable solutions ready for you to take advantage of. In this course, join the experts as they walk through building an application while exploring the parts of Microsoft Azure that make it easier to build great apps. <br /><a target=_blank href=اپلیکیشن-ها-در-Azure:-قرار-دادن-همه-آیتم-ها-در-کنار-هم/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> اتومات سازی پلت فرم کلود: DDI/IPAM (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)اتومات-سازی-پلت-فرم-کلود:-DDI-IPAM/225 1/3/2017 6:03:34 PM This course walks you through the features of IPAM in Windows Server 2012 R2. Learn what you need for IPAM solutions in today's data center scenario.<br /><a target=_blank href=اتومات-سازی-پلت-فرم-کلود:-DDI-IPAM/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> کارکرد حرفه ای با آنالیز دیتا در Azure (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)کارکرد-حرفه-ای-با-آنالیز-دیتا-در-Azure/524 1/6/2017 10:52:26 PM Want to set up real-time analytic computations on data streaming from devices, sensors, websites, social media, apps, and more? Check out this demo-filled, hands-on Azure Stream Analytics training course, part of an exciting new series from Wintellect and Microsoft.<br /><a target=_blank href=کارکرد-حرفه-ای-با-آنالیز-دیتا-در-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> تعامل API های آفیس 365 با اپلیکیشن های موبایل (طراحی و برنامه نویسی وب : حرفه ای)تعامل-API-های-آفیس-365-با-اپلیکیشن-های-موبایل/626 1/7/2017 4:29:35 PM Devs, you've integrated Office 365 APIs in your web apps. Now, take these ideas a step further, and explore how to integrate your new or existing mobile device applications with the Office 365 APIs.<br /><a target=_blank href=تعامل-API-های-آفیس-365-با-اپلیکیشن-های-موبایل/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> کار با Xamarin برای مبتدی ها (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)کار-با-Xamarin-برای-مبتدی-ها/131 1/3/2017 9:05:35 AM If you’re a .NET developer looking to create apps, Xamarin is the perfect tool for you. Xamarin, a tool that plugs in to Visual Studio, allows you take advantage of the skills that you already have to create apps that can work on iOS, Android, and Windows. <br /><a target=_blank href=کار-با-Xamarin-برای-مبتدی-ها/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> امنیت در آفیس 365: امنیت در Exchange Online (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)امنیت-در-آفیس-365:-امنیت-در-Exchange-Online/441 1/5/2017 7:21:37 PM If you're looking to protect your organization from spam and malware, check out this course on Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP), a cloud-based email filtering service that even includes features to safeguard against messaging-policy violations. This course provides the details an IT Professional needs to know about EOP, why it is necessary in your organization, how Microsoft has architected EOP to handle spam and malware, and how to deploy, configure, and manage EOP.<br /><a target=_blank href=امنیت-در-آفیس-365:-امنیت-در-Exchange-Online/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> استفاده از Node.js در کدنویسی ویژوال استودیو (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)استفاده-از-Node.js-در-کدنویسی-ویژوال-استودیو/76 1/2/2017 6:32:13 PM Developers, have you heard about Visual Studio Code? Far more than a text editor, it works cross platform, looks great, has a ton of cool features, and is becoming increasingly popular! Check it out, with the always-entertaining experts Stacey Mulcahy and Rami Sayar, and see how to use Visual Studio Code to create sites using Node.js (one of the easiest and fastest ways to develop real-time apps on the web today). <br /><a target=_blank href=استفاده-از-Node.js-در-کدنویسی-ویژوال-استودیو/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> بیست پرسش و پاسخ مهم در C# (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)بیست-پرسش-و-پاسخ-مهم-در-C#/146 1/3/2017 9:43:28 AM ​Are you a developer with coding questions? Many new and experienced developers visit to find solutions and to help others resolve their computing questions and issues. This training session focuses on 20 of the top questions surrounding the C# language, based on number of views and votes on stackoverflow. Watch this session, and get your questions answered.<br /><a target=_blank href=بیست-پرسش-و-پاسخ-مهم-در-C#/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دفاع تمام قد از امنیت ویندوز 8.1 (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)دفاع-تمام-قد-از-امنیت-ویندوز-8.1/259 1/4/2017 8:29:56 PM Interested in security? Want to protect your data in the real world? See how Windows 8.1 addresses security as a whole system, one layer at a time. Explore methods of developing a secure baseline and how to harden your Windows Enterprise architectures from pass-the-hash and other advanced attacks.<br /><a target=_blank href=دفاع-تمام-قد-از-امنیت-ویندوز-8.1/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> راه اندازی ماشین مجازی در کلود: بخش دوم (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)راه-اندازی-ماشین-مجازی-در-کلود:-بخش-دوم/210 1/3/2017 5:31:45 PM Building on the core understanding of virtual machines from "Deploy Virtual Machines in the Cloud: Part 1," take a deeper dive and look at how to use virtual machines (VMs) for more complex and more mission-critical roles. See how to deploy complex VM-based solutions using Azure Resource Manager and how to use and configure premium storage and multi-disk solutions. <br /><a target=_blank href=راه-اندازی-ماشین-مجازی-در-کلود:-بخش-دوم/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> دوره کاربردی Resource Manager DevOps در Azure (برنامه نویسی در رایانش ابری : متوسطه)دوره-کاربردی-Resource-Manager-DevOps-در-Azure/443 1/5/2017 7:44:03 PM Developers and IT Pros, do you want to make management and deployment of Azure resources more efficient? If you want faster and more repeatable application deployments across all your Azure environments, add to your skill set and walk with the experts through Azure resource management.<br /><a target=_blank href=دوره-کاربردی-Resource-Manager-DevOps-در-Azure/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> طراحی اپ برای اینترنت اشیاء (برنامه نویسی در ویندوز 10 : مبتدی)طراحی-اپ-برای-اینترنت-اشیاء/560 1/7/2017 1:47:18 PM Want a deep overview of the Microsoft Azure services implementation for Microsoft architecture around the Internet of Things (IoT)? If you develop solutions, this implementation can help. Watch this session, and get insight into what Microsoft is doing to innovate around the business challenges of IoT solution development. Plus, hear architectural considerations, best practices, and implementation guidance for your IoT solution.<br /><a target=_blank href=طراحی-اپ-برای-اینترنت-اشیاء/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> کلاسترینگ در ویندوز سرور 2012 R2 (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)کلاسترینگ-در-ویندوز-سرور-2012-R2/213 1/3/2017 5:33:50 PM Would you like to learn how to deploy, manage, and optimize a Windows Server 2012 R2 failover cluster? This course can teach you everything you want to know, and you don't even need prior clustering experience!<br /><a target=_blank href=کلاسترینگ-در-ویندوز-سرور-2012-R2/><img width=200 src= /></a><br /> چگونگی جلوگیری از حذف دیتا در آفیس 365 (توسعه بازی ها : پیشرفته)چگونگی-جلوگیری-از-حذف-دیتا-در-آفیس-365/440 1/5/2017 7:20:54 PM Every day in the news, you hear stories about security breaches, either deliberate or accidental, compromising sensitive data. Plus, each year, hundreds of millions of additional records are compromised and, although they may be less noteworthy, they are just as sensitive. In this course, examine how to configure, customize, and monitor the Office 365 data loss prevention (DLP) features. Learn how the rich DLP functionality seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, OWA, and SharePoint, providing context, user education, and information protection.<br /><a target=_blank href=چگونگی-جلوگیری-از-حذف-دیتا-در-آفیس-365/><img width=200 src= /></a><br />