Service Management Automation with Windows Azure Pack
مایکروسافت مایکروسافت

اتومات سازی مدیریت سرویس ها توسط پک ویندوز Azure

Service Management Automation with Windows Azure Pack

Want to get a head start on automating your cloud infrastructure and services? Join Microsoft's Symon Perriman, as he hosts an interactive training session on Service Management Automation (SMA), the automation component of Windows Azure Pack (the self-service portal from Microsoft that connects to System Center 2012 R2). Symon and members of the automation engineering team explore the Windows Azure Pack and SMA vision, plus how to configure it. They cover best practices for service, tenant, and fabric administration, along with how to integrate with PowerShell, Orchestrator, and other Microsoft and third-party systems. Don't miss this opportunity to get the details you need on SMA!

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