Office 365 ProPlus Deployment for IT Pros
مایکروسافت مایکروسافت

پیاده سازی آفیس 365 ProPlus برای متخصصان IT

Office 365 ProPlus Deployment for IT Pros

The goal of this course is for the audience to learn about the IT Pro deployment features of Office 365 ProPlus, such as licensing and activation, Click-to-Run, Office Telemetry, and building App-V packages. Join us as we deliver demo-rich sessions that discuss these topics, first as an overview and then more in depth. Come hear how these new IT investments make upgrading Office a lot easier, faster, and economical.

درس 1: احراز هویت، لایسنس و فعال سازی در آفیس 365 ProPlus

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