لینوکس با مفاهیم سیستم عامل
لینوکس با مفاهیم سیستم عامل

لینوکس با مفاهیم سیستم عامل

فیلد آموزشی: شبکه - لینوکس

Linux with Operating System Concepts

Richard Fox
Look around at the Unix/Linux textbook market and you find nearly all of the books target people who are looking to acquire hands-on knowledge of Unix/Linux, whether as a user or a system administrator. There are almost no books that serve as textbooks for an academic class. Why not? There are plenty of college courses that cover or include Unix/Linux. We tend to see conceptual operating system (OS) texts which include perhaps a chapter or two on Unix/Linux or Unix/Linux books that cover almost no OS concepts. This book has been written in an attempt to merge the two concepts into a textbook that can specifically serve a college course about Linux.

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